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Boycott the 2012 Paralympics

We’re not against the Paralympics or the people taking part in it.

So why boycott?

  • We must make a stand.
  • We must highlight the effect Atos is having on the lives of disabled people.
  • We must show the government we’re not putting up with it.
  • We must fight back.

Money. money, money …

The DWP has awarded Personal Independence Payments contracts to giant multi-national Atos and Capita.

Capita’s contract is worth around £140m over 5 years.


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Hi Sparkledust, yes I agree.

Terrible situation to have to do this boycott as the athletes have worked so hard… but the sheer HYPOCRICY of having ATOS as the sponser makes me sick!

Chris Grayling says that the paralympics shows us what disabled people are capable of.

Excuse me Mr Grayling… you are able-bodied so why aren’t YOU in the Olympics!!!

You must be very lazy or perhaps you are FAKING IT if you are not competing for a gold medal.

I think a lot of people will agree that it is terrible that we have to boycott BUT we have to remember that ATOS is the sponsor… the very people who are harrassing us!

Thanks for posting Sparkledust,

Pat x

You’re welcome, Pat, I just hope it makes a difference, at least we HAVE to try.

I don’t know if I’ve made it clear enough in my post that:

Show your support for the Boycott and leave a comment

is an actual link?

Please sign everyone! x

You’re welcome, Pat, I just hope it makes a difference, at least we HAVE to try.

I don’t know if I’ve made it clear enough in my post that:

Show your support for the Boycott and leave a comment

is an actual link?

Please sign everyone! x

No I didn’t realise. Thought you meant leave a comment on here…

Will go on the link and leave a comment now!

Pat x


Pat x

As a Paralympian who ended up unable to compete in London due to a broken neck can I PLEASE say DON’T boycott the Paralympics…

Protest at the ATOS offices, protest outside Parliamnet, Protest loud and clear but don’t punish the athletes.

Many of us have travelled from countries totally unaffected by ATOS and this is really disappointng for us to be boycotted.

I am fully in favour of the protest, fully in favour of ATOS being called to account but please get your target right.

There are other ways to protest…


Hi Belinda,

I feel so bad for you, it must be so disappointing.

I think people feel there is no other option but to boycott the Paralympics, in order to expose the awful persecution of the disabled of this country, that has been going on unreported for so long

(not to mention exposing the shocking hypocrisy of Atos)

Of course it must be heartbreaking for the athletes to be boycotted, but if it saves even one life, surely it must be worth it?

I mean, it is literally a matter of life and death, and doing it this way, the world will HAVE to listen. x

Some things are more important than sport and this is one of them. I repeat, people are dying and suffering extreme hardship as a result of this vicious Tory ideology and lying down and taking it is not an option. The bus drivers were not looking to strike after the Olympics and we need to gain maximum advantage from this protest too.

Of course, if you favour tax cuts for multi millionaires then there is nothing to stop you adding that comment.


I am 100% with Brog64 (Belinda) on this one.

Yes, aim the protests directly at the source, but why affect athletes who have trained hard to get where they are.

Whammel - wasn’t ESA brought in by the last government ?

Maybe we should challenge the other 60% of the population who can’t be bothered to vote to make the change to the system.



I refer you to my previous answer when you posed the same question.

“Yep, it was Labour alright, but I somehow doubt it was ever intended to be implemented with the savagery of this Government and if it was my stance would be the same”.

The Paralympic events will be unaffected, because security is so tight around the Olympic Zones.

Security will have nothing to do with a boycott, whammel. Boycotting means staying away… so the Paralympics will be severely affected if protestors boycott it. There will be no spectators, no one to cheer the athletes, no one to wave the Union flag for Team GB, no one to applaud at the medal ceremonies…

How cruel and mean spirited to the athletes… Competing to empty stadiums… competing to empty seats as if no one cares about the Paralympics.

If you have a heart and care about the disabled, get behind the Paralympians and GO to the events and cheer them on. Protest against ATOS elsewhere…


When are these Paralympics on anyway? I have looked throughthe BBC’s schedule for the next couple of weeks and can’t see anything about it.



The Paralympics start on the 29 August and run until the 9 September.


Chanel 4 has a dedicated Paralympics page on their website and will be televising it…


I understand the meaning of a boycott and was merely highlighting the fact that events will not be disrupted. My position remains the same and I choose to support the thousands of disabled people suffering genuine hardship under Old Etonian rule.

Unfortunately, we need to look at the bigger picture over here.

Whammel, I totally agree.

Like many other disabled people here, I feel this has to happen, as nobody seems to even care who kills themselves, or dies in penury, because Atos/DWP has stopped their monies -

If the paralympics are boycotted, and it could save ONE life -