erm... I fell asleep!

Well, I was going to see the olympic torch at Filton. But forgot it was due at 09.05 this morning. And when Martin went to work at 07:30 this morning I went back to sleep!

One of my friends saw it in Longwell Green yesterday, and said there was a good turnout and the atmosphere was great.

Hi Ellen,

I didn’t go, either.

I woke up in time (without the alarm), and vaguely mused: “Hmmm, it’s the torch this morning; can I be bothered?”

Then concluded: “No, it’s far more comfortable in bed. I’m not getting ready in a panic, and having to go out to catch the bus.”

It usually takes me at least two hours (hot bath, pills, and strong coffee) to feel human enough to leave the house, so I didn’t fancy trying to squeeze it into 45 minutes.



Hi Ellen

My family have gone to see it in Stroud, but I stayed at home, don’t think I would cope with

all the crowds. I shall see it on the news tonight instead.


We had a message from school about taking the children in late so we could go to Gloucester and watch this morning, I couldn’t face it so the kids went to school! But I’ve just had a phone call from my OH who is in his lorry in Ledbury where they were all waiting for the convoy. When his lorry came around the corner everyone started waving and shouting so he sat in the cab and waved back!