Not MS: Disgrace of Olympic Torch Route.

The disgrace of the Olympic torch route through and out of Cornwall.

As many probably know the Olympic torch starts its journey at Lands End, Cornwall.

The torch then makes its way through the county, making a totally unnecessary detour to visit the Eden Project, (for information, the Eden Project is nothing more than a commercial theme park/pop concert venue), the route then continues, and leaves the county via the Tamer bridge into Devon.

The county town and gateway to Cornwall is Launceston, which the torch will not go any where near, the gateway to Cornwall is not the Tamer bridge.

Lord Coe and his cronies need to do a little more research.

Rant over, I feel much better now.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

You have to remember, Chris, that the route for the torch has been carefully planned to take it through as many places as possible. That is - places where they can sell big business the chance for one of their executives to run for a couple of hundred yards carrying the torch so that they can brag about it in the Golf Club.

Personally, as a one-time Olympic selector, I was very sad when London were awarded the 2012 Games. OK, so it was good for the ego of Tony BLiar, but it has looked like a screw-up ever since. If you think that the people of Launceston have been hard done by - just consider Woolwich. They are getting a complete shooting range complex, on a temporary basis, and the road closures required mean that access to the local hospital will be severely restricted. I hear that the current plan is to set up first-aid triage points on the access roads to cut down on the number of complaints. Of course, when the games are over, the entire range complex will vanish - and not be available for any sporting activity thereafter.



Yes fully understand your comments, and agree.

I like sport, (excluding football) and will follow the Olympics on TV, and am I sure it is a wonderful experience for the young people of the UK.

I just wish the Olympic organizing committee, would come clean and inform these same young people, that they will be paying off the debt for most of their working lives.

As with the 1976 Montreal Olympics that took its people thirty years to pay off.

I was going to say I have done my paying, then remembered that I still pay tax on my state pension.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).