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Hi all, This probably sounds like a dumb question, but I thought I’d come and see if anyone could answer! I’m going up to London end May for the first time ever in my wheelchair. To say I’m nervous is an understatement! Fortunately, I’ve got a friend going with me, so that’ll be a blessing. My question is, if I’m travelling up, do I have to stay in my wheelchair on the train? It’s a rigid frame, so won’t fold down, but I’m am partially ambulatory, so can get to a seat. Any experiences to share? Or generally train travel/tube travel tips? Thanks!


I’ve travelled by train in my chair a few times, and always found it a good service. Whoever you book yu=our tickets with should have a dedicated number to call. You then tell them the help you need, for example needing a ramp to get on. If I remember right you can have the option of transferring, though I always stay in my chair in the wheelchair space (more leg room!).

When you go, you check in with the information desk at the station. Then when you get to the platform, someone will come along with the ramp just before the train is due, and will push you on. Then when you arrive, there’ll be someone waiting on the platform with the ramp to get you off.

The only thing that can be a pickle is when people leave luggage in the wheelchair bay, so they need to clear it out first. But other than that I’ve never had any problems.


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Thanks Dan! I’m meticulously planning the journey, so that’s useful to know - I’ll get on to Southeastern and advise them in advance…

Glad that helped :slight_smile: Here’s details for their assisted travel - Dan