A day out in Chester

Yesterday I went to Chester with Frazer and the children my two and two of their friends. We went on the train and met my sister there with my two nephews. We had a fantastic time the children went on the peddlows on the river and we had fish and chips and ice cream. We came back exhausted at 6pm last night but although I’m tired I feel really happy. My salsa mini wheelchair went everywhere I had to laugh because I was taking a short cut across the cobbles near the Cathedral and the bolards must have thought I was a car , they sank into the ground to let me through . I’m much more confident now with my new chair, the turning circle is brilliant and it never runs out of battery like my old chair. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hello Michelle.

I know those cobbles very well.

The market place in the centre of Cambridge also has a sea of cobbles. DDDDRRRRRRR my old bones go!

I used to love having a row on the river. It was very good for impressing the ladies when I was at college there.There are so many lovely places there.


Hi Michelle

Glad you had a lovely day with your family and friends. Chester is somewhere I never managed to get to, we had that trip planned twice manY years ago, but, unfortunately, I was ill both times, so never made it…one day.

Pam x

Thrilled you had such a great day Shell, I worked for a bank in Bridge Street, Chester and had a few family days out there too. Like Steve, I’ve walked the cobbles. Glad your new mini power chair did it’s job, they provide us with so much freedom. Ah, it’s lovely to read your family day out worked so well and made you so happy.

Chrissie xx

Pleased you had a great day out Michelle,sounds like you had fun i have only been to Chester to the zoo when my son was 2 hes 39 now lol.

J x

Hi, been to Chester several times and love it. The cobbles arent nice though.

Hope my new chair, in Nov, is as good as your`s.



Hello Poll what kind of chair are you getting ? I absolutely love my new one it’s become so part of me now , in fact I forget that I’m disabled, Frazer loves it too. I think Chester is very much like York , I love both places but Chester is on my doorstep I’m so regular there now that the guards at the station are used to seeing me and Frazer. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my mobile phone

Chester zoo is lovely Jackie, I used to be a member, we have to be careful when I go because the lions don’t like Frazer and we arnt allowed in the bat or monkey house either because they are frightened of dogs. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my mobile phone

Bridge street, I know it well , was that a while ago ? It’s such a lovely place to visit. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my mobile phone

It’s well worth a visit Pam Xx

Was that where you studied Steve? Ben goes to the Chester uni he’s at a smaller part of it called Thornton le moors near Elton. I love the cobbles too I love going over them fast in my wheelchair. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my mobile phone

Chester is a beautiful place (I’m a tad biased as I only live 10 miles from it & am under the Countess hospital!)Lovely cafes along the river, cream teas, I recommend the Mad Hatters tea rooms, well worth a visit (it is very like York Michelle, albeit smaller!) I’m actually off to the Races this month, very recommended day out. Tracey

Enjoy the races TraceyD. My employer hired a couple of rooms at the lovely race course & I held sales presentations there…

Polls, is there a waiting list for your powerchair? November seems ages but I’m sure you’ll love the independence it gives you.

Shell, I stopped working there in 2001, the drive of 45 mins became too tiring, almost fell asleep whilst in traffic queues. Fatigue and poor concentration must have been the start of PPMS.

Does Frazer sit on your lap on your powerchair or trot alongside you? It’s great that dogs are allowed at the zoo.

Chrissie x

Hello Michelle.

I did three years at the main site in Cheyney Road. I actually failed my degree but learnt a lot about music and fixing cars. I met my best friend Steve there. My word we have some history.

Steve. x woof.

A thumbs up for Chester from me too - except for the cobbles of course. We go there quite regularly as my daughter lives in Handbridge, which is right by the walls and she teaches in local school.

As an aside from our usual mobility inadequacies there is a good ARK sculpture exhibition on at the cathedral at the moment (until 15 October) which is worthwhile visiting (the stone floor making it only mildly wheelchair intolerant…)

The cathedral was also a great venue for the cap and gown ceremony when my daughter received her Masters certificate a couple of months ago, made even more entertaining by the inaugural speech of the new Chancellor of the University of Chester - Giles Brandreth.