Warm sunny day in Frodsham

I love sunshine and the flowers and birds but it does make me extra tired , I couldn’t stop falling this morning , usually I manage to wall walk but not today. It’s a good job that I have good bones. This afternoon I went with my daughter Rochelle and granddaughters to Chester to see a friend . Naomi and Laura had a good time , they are only 2 and love sitting on Nanas wheelchair. The friend had lots of cats so we left poor Frazer at home. The twins loved the cats. We are having fish chips and mushy peas for tea, Naomi and Laura love fish from the chip shop and this Nana’s too tired to make tea. Lee’s away with work this week and Rochelle has just tidied up for me . Michelle and Frazer xx

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Froddy in the sun. Sometimes I’d scramble up Helsby hill and look out over oil refineries. I never did follow any of te paths over the marshes though.

It was the best time of year to be going back to Wallasey in daylight.

Chester used to fill up with touristy hordes. I’ve always liked the atmosphere there.

The canal towpath follows the lesser known history trail of Chester. I loved the staircase locks.

Steve x woof.

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Hi Michelle & Frazer,

Yes, it was another lovely day yesterday and I’m glad that you were able to get out with the girls and go and see a friend despite how you were feeling and Fish & Chips sounded great for tea :slight_smile:

Aww, bless Frazer but I bet he enjoyed himself just chilling out in the cool at home.

I spent most of the day on the sofa as I was exhausted but I was able to admire the sun and my garden from the window and it was nice and peaceful watching Mr & Mrs Blackbird coming in and out.

Twinkle Toes x

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I always used to go up Frodsham hill to the monument I remember getting lost there with Ben very early one morning. I think that you could walk from Frodsham hill to Helsby hill. Ive not done anything like that for years …sad isn’t. Last time I went up I was scared because there isn’t a footpath on Belmonte road and it’s very bendy not great for a wheelchair. You could easily be hit by a car. How’s your moving plans going Steve ? Michelle and Frazer xx

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Sorry it’s me not Anon. Michelle and Frazer

The sunny weather is great twinkle toes , but it is exhausting. Rochelle stayed over with the girls last night . She’s so good she’s tidied everywhere this morning while I watched Peppa pig with Naomi and Laura. Michelle and Frazer xx

The move?

Contracts have been signed and I’m just waiting for a delivery of boxes.

I’m hoping to move on the bank holiday weekend.

Completeion may be delayed to the original solicitors not yet returning the signed lease.

We all know how moving is. I’ve done it enough times so I know there’s no point in crawling into a cupboard to scream. Besides, I’d never get out.

Steve x woof

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Yes Steve moving is a nightmare. I think we’ve done it 6 times since being married. This was usually because we were in rented and then we bought our own house . The biggest move was from Bolton to Frodsham Isabelle was only 8 months and Molly was 2 and half it was a nightmare moving with 7 children but we were younger then and it was a good move . I love Frodsham, this is our forever home. Are you downsizing Steve ? Or moving where there is support?. I hope it all goes well for you , i will be thinking of you on bank holiday Monday. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michelle

I am late replying as we have had a few days at the seaside and it was lovely. The intense heat completely drains me but I love looking at the flowers and listening to the birds.

Glad you had a lovely time with the twins and your Rochelle sounds like a very caring young lady.

The fish and chips sounds great, making me feel hungry just thinking about it.

Pam x

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Hi Steve,

With me still being relatively new on here I don’t know much about you and your moving home but I hope everything goes well for you as it’s a very stressful situation but I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Take Care

Twinkle Toes x