The Outside World

Isn’t it weird when you haven’t been out for ages and then you go out and everything seems so crowded and loud and moving so fast?

I felt like I was in slow motion and everyone else was in fast forward.

Was lovely and sunny and good to breathe the fresh air (although how fresh it is in London is debatable).

In dry cleaners, filling out the ticket, I threw the pen right across the shop! You know when that happens, how your hand takes on a life of its own? Must have looked deliberate but honestly it was nothing to do with me!

Hope everyone is doing well and it’s sunny and nice where you are.

Love Pat xx

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My wife drives too fast for me! I don’t suppose it’s any faster than either she or I used to drive, but it seems like it now.

Lovely day here. We were planning to go out for lunch but sadly, someone pulled the plug out today and I feel quite unwell and can’t face it. Grrrr! This MS thing, eh?

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Yes the sun is shining gloriously here at the highest point of East Sussex. I’m not going out though. Jo and Rose are out at the in laws doing her family thing so I’m having a day of peace and non challenging TV.

Pat, projectile pens are usually part of a hissy fit when they don’t work or my writing is rubbish. Still it probably added to the day’s adventure. It seems slightly less hectic in this part of the world as it is most definitely not London. The only slight surge comes with the school run-unlike the nightmare up the road. (Tunbridge Wells). Also my wife is not inclined to rush anything-in fact it’s me who gets impatient.

Now I’m steeling myself for a weekly visit up the road to my life drawing class. I’ve had some sort of notion that now I’m retired I should do something. In my younger days I imagined that I would just amble along to the pub every lunch time. That’s one dream up in smoke.

Best wishes, Steve

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Bright and sunny here but very cold. I’m going out with two friends tomorrow shopping all day then a show late afternoon, I know exactly what you mean about slow motion, unfortunately when out with these particular friends is like wacky races, I have to take an anti sickness tablet as the speeding wheelchair gives me motion sickness! It’ll be worth it though

It’s nice when the days start getting longer, more cheerful…sometimes…the sun was shining directy in my living room window this morning and OH MY I really need to get the inside of the windows cleaned, and the dust on my tv is/was shocking!!

Spring is springing up all over

Jan x

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Haha Jan. Yes I have to drive my scooter really really slowly when I haven’t been out for a while… but after a while I’m in whacky races too!

I can promise you that the Housework Police are not due to visit your house!

Pat xx

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Just as well Pat they’d be locking me up for a long time I don’t care there’s more to life than moving dust from one place to another, I do what is needed but no more than is necessary, gone are the days I did things on a rota just because “it’s Friday and I always do it Friday” I’m seriously considering getting someone to do the things I struggle with but it feels like I’m giving up one more piece of my independence. On the brighter side it would mean no more struggling with a duvet and needing a sleep to recover from the exertion.

Your day out sounded nice and peaceful in spite of the mischievous pen, it’s amazing how these things we once controlled are now taking over the asylum

Jan x


Life in the outside does feel like a rat race, I find going in the supermarket really hard work, it seems so noisy and trying to look from one shelf to another makes me dizzy.

Where the hell did life go? Surely trying to shop should not make you feel like you have just done a marathon!

My lovely neighbours who are 25 plus years older go past me as though I am a snail, that’s hard to take some days, then I feel guilty for feeling envious, how silly is that.

Roll on spring, I am hopeful that will lighten my mood.

Take care everyone.

Pam x


I get that sometimes pat. I’ve tried explaining to ‘normals’ and I get looked at like I’m mental. Things do seem busier & faster though, you’re right! Your pen throwing incident made me chuckle. I remember I was in the library I was reading a leaflet at the counter & when I went to place it back on the pile, I had a mad hand movement that knocked the whole pile onto the floor! The woman glared at me cos it must’ve looked like I did it on purpose. Gingerly apologised & slinked out the building…

Springs on the way, my daffodils are starting to peep up from their baskets & my bluebells are appearing up my path. They make me smile x

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Oh Pam I know the feeling. When I was still able to walk outside my mother… in her 80’s… walked much faster and much better than me! It’s almost a relief now that if we’re out together I’m in wheelchair or on scooter!

Absolutely no need to feel guilty for being envious! You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel that!

Pat xx


Hehe Libertine. I can just imagine it. Causing disaster wherever we go!

My worst one (to date) was in a very posh restaurant, throwing my fork right across the restaurant. Luckily I didn’t spear anyone…

Pat xx


I just hate going out, there has to be a very good reason for me to leave the security of home.

Take care.

Chris R.


Pat, that made me laugh.

So far, I’ve managed to just drop my fork in a nice restaurant but I’ve already warned my husband that there clearly will come a time when I say “thank you, it looks beautiful, please thank the kitchen and ask them to chop it up please, like you would for a small child, thank you”

I really do not want to throw food at another diner but I know what a mess I can make at home!

Sonia xx

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Sonia, whenever I’ve been in a hotel I’ve had to miss out on the bacon at breakfast. One I can’t cut it and two I’m embarrassed to admit it!

Steve x

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Its a completely different life isn’t it, iv’e felt exhausted this week,i was on such a high after being out last week…but i went out today because i had to and nearly destroyed the shop i knocked over a load of brooms and ran over a display poor Frazer he thought it was his fault.

Michelle xx

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The lengthening days are definitely lifting my mood. I’ve had a traumatic couple of weeks with Jen, my 17 year old daughter being hospitalised with neurological symptoms in her lower body and now awaiting LP results to see if she has O bands. We won’t know for another month, so please cross fingers for her.

Your flinging things around shops and libraries made me laugh as I’m a clutz too. If I don’t drop or throw it I knock it over and then fall over everything. I can’t be taken anywhere.

On a positive note though, we’ve got my little plastic greenhouse up and I’ve got my pea and sweet pea seeds in. I try to grow them every year with varying success but love having flowers through the house and Jen and I will happily sit outside and eat the peas. I’ve not once managed to get any in a pan yet, between us and my family they’ve just made it from the plant to the garden table. I do love summer and spring.

Take care everyone

Cath x

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