Just rambling..

Hey people how is everyone??
I haven’t been on in ages it feels like so thought I’d just say hello & see what’s been happening with you’s all? Hope everyone’s doing okay?
I haven’t been up to all that much really. Just the usual - starting my days with a 5mile early morning run. Action packed day filled with doing all the housework (in a oner no less), going shopping, spending all afternoon helping out at the dog rescue kennels & taking my fur baby Dali out a run on the beach, to get home in time to cook myself a fabulous tea then get tarted up a bit an back out for drinks & a shimmy in the pub! Oh wait… …back in the real world - I’ve just had another long external hand rail put up at the top of my path that saves me grabbing at sandstone on my way to my front door. I’ve had ‘Malky’ (my rollator) upgraded to one with 4 wheels aaaaand a seat. He’s brilliant, what a difference he makes! Now I can walk… stop an take a seat & walk some more… an stop & take a seat… an walk some more…just because I can! Is it really sad that I get excited about grab rails & new walking aids?? It is int it? Dear god!
As far as my MS pal goes - he’s an arse. He’s loving ‘playing’ with my hands these days, my right hand especially. I’m developing a very attractive witchy claw like hand. Which is nice, thanks for that man.
I love you too.
I’ve been discharged from gastroenterology thankfully. No more endoscopies or biopsies, just a few more pills everyday so I’m happy with that. The weights going on and Staying on slowly but surely & my aim is to put on at the very least another stone in weight so that by the time summer comes around, I won’t be looking like Skeletor (anyone used to watch HeMan back in the day?) anymore & paranoid about being so thin. I’ll be curvy, tanned & witchy handed instead!
Awww you’ve got to laugh at yourself don’t you? Well, I do anyway. It helps keep that depressed wolf from my door!

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Hi Rose,

lovely to hear from you. I thought from the start of your thread you had some miracle cure and you were going to tell us all about it. (Nae luck) but it was a lovely dream.

I too am getting weaker in my arm and hand not quite the claw but I’m getting there. I have had physio lately and the exercises I have been given are helping. Not sure if its going to stave off the inevitable but you have to try.

We have been given a date for getting into our new flat. I should be really excited but I can’t summon up enough energy to get quotes for flooring etc, much to my husbands amusement. I have never had any problems shopping and spending money before the elephant in the room came on the go.

Well back to dreams of doing housework in a oner and going for boozy nights out with the girls wearing heels.

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Hi Libertine, I know what you mean about getting excited about aids - I’m to be issued with a trolley on wheels to trundle things around the kitchen - great stuff! Do you have exercises for your hand?

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Hello Libertine.

Great post. I can get really excited about the smallest of things, such as the new thermal fleece lined trousers I’ve bought for winter jaunts on the scooter. I’ve also ordered a new velcro belt as buckles do my head in. On a bigger scale we’ve just got the go-ahead for the adaptation of our bathroom into a wet room-no more stepping up (it’s more of a desperate scramble hanging on the the corner of the shower unit) into the old shower.

I’m also starting a lfe drawing class at the local community centre. It’s been at least 12 years since I’ve put charcoal to cartridge paper. Again, very excited about that! The only downer at the moment (it’s not really a downer, just part of the parental process) is that our daughter Rose is now in a bed. There are no longer any cot bars to stop her coming into the bedroom saying “it’s time to get up now” at any random hour of the night.

Best wishes, Steve.


Steve I take my hat off to you, it must be very hard coping with a toddler . At least my teenager’s moods do lift and she helps at times. She also sleeps through the night now which helps, though I stupidly insist on getting up with her at 6am for college. They do grow up!

Cath x

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Hi Libertine, great post!

Yes I get excited by aid and adaptations as well. MS is a hoot isn’t it. Lol…

Great to see you on here.

Pat xx

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Aye I’ve got wee exercises for my hands and the ot gave me a resting splint thing I’ve to wear when I go to bed . It’s certainly not pretty nor discrete & my cat Maisey glares at it when she’s lying beside me but I think it helps. I think anyway!

Thats good news about you getting a new flat Mags. Have you got a moving date arranged or is that too far away just now? It’s exhausting even thinking about moving isnt it? never mind doing it but once you get into it, it’ll all be worth it. I moved again myself nearly a year ago now & there’s still loads I need to do. I need a new kitchen, well I don’t need a new kitchen but I want a new kitchen. It’s as old as the hills but all the shops you need to trawl round are so big & I just can’t be arsed really. So I continue looking online & think ooooooh I like that etc etc. I’ve had my livingroom & hall decorated - that’s the fun stuff I think anyway. I could look at colour charts for hours.

Steve those trousers are great man! I got a pair for winter dog walks & they’re brilliant, I love them. They keep you nice & toasty. A wet room will make a huge difference to you though. I had an assessment in bathroom at my old flat & they were going to adapt that into a wet room but this flat came up & I jumped on it. Well, not literally but you knows what I mean.

Nice to talk to you all x

Hi Rose

We get the keys on the 20th march bar anything going wrong. I don’t think the move is going to be as bad as the one in October was. We sold a lot of our furniture with the house as we are downsizing. We have some furniture and boxes in storage and I plan to put most of it in the spare room and take our time opening them. We are planning to be minimalistic this time as there won’t be so much space.

To be honest we have been renting a one bedroom holiday cottage these last few months and haven’t really missed our things, it’s only stuff after all. And best of all the housework doesn’t take long.

It will be nice to have our own place again but I’m going to miss our middle daughter popping in as she is living next door to us just now.

I know what you mean about the shops they are so daunting although some of them do have wheelchairs but I am too stubborn to use them which pisses hubby off as I stumble about and complain. Lol!!

Hope you get your kitchen soon.

Mags xx