Feel cornered and pathetic

Hi all, not posted in a while now, hoping for some ideas and support to move forward in helping myself. I feel strong enough to cope with the regular symptoms of this crappy disease even though it has virtually ruined my life, I don’t have big relapses and manage with little meds to help pain and anxiety. But I can’t find the strength to cope with myself, I hate what I look like and the pathetic person I’ve become. I’m overweight and can’t slim even if I eat nothing, I’ve managed to reduce anxiety n panic with beta blockers n CBT but it hasn’t made me any more confident or optimistic about myself. I think I may still be grieving the me I have lost or something, just wish I had something to look forward to and that my efforts to be ad healthy as poss and lose weight would pay off. I’m losing faith fast in exercise, diet, reflexology, meditation, etc etc I can’t motivate myself anymore. Sorry to moan bigtime, just needed to say it to people who will understand.

Sounds like your having a rough time.Everybody has an interest,in which they are good.If you haven’t got something of interest have a good think and delve into the past.Once you’ve found an interest,concentrate on it.You’ll enjoy it,feel better about yourself,and there’s no knowing where it could lead you.

Be lucky, Wb

Sounds grim that wanderer. No point in telling you to ‘shake yourself up’ as I’m sure that’s what you’d like to do but don’t feel you have the abilty to do so.

Deep down inside though, you will have the strength. You’ve just got to find it.

Dificult one this, and going to the quack won’t even help as all he/ 'she’ll do is probably put you on anti depressants or something.

Over the years I’ve dealt with MS by competing against it, TELLING it that it will NOT beat the pre MS me.

I’m more energetic now than I was then tbh.

Everyone thinks I’m barking mad arguing with myself and ‘IT’, but it actually works for me and creates much humour and banter amongst my family and friends.

I mainly fight it by going out walking in the hills and mountains, challenging my mind with time trials and romping around in foul weather conditions, just to show IT who ‘the boss’ REALLY is. ;))

If you’re localish to me (Wirral/Cheshire) ) then feel free to contact me, as you’ll be most welcome to come out with me for a slow tortuos walk anytime.

Try not to let it grind you down…easier said than done granted…as that’s what it’s trying to do, and you mustn’t let it succeed.

Mind over matter, and you can mentally beat it.

Get cross, get even.

Morning, I’m so sorry you’re having a bad time of it, from time to time we all do on here, that’s only human, what you have to try and do is pick yourself up, and that’s not easy, for me 2yrs after being DX I had but on 2 stone, felt over weight, frumpy, didn’t have social live, didn’t exercise, after a life time of being in quite good shape, I looked at a photo and thought OMG, so I joined weight watchers, meet people there, then started an exercise class through PALS, meet people there, and then joined my local MS society, and meet a lot of really nice people there, went on trips, and had coffee morning’s with them, became a support volunteer, and that’s when things started to get a little better, now I’m only telling you all this to show you that you can pick yourself up, these things maybe not for you, but there is something out there, you’ve just got to look, I really wish you a lot of luck, take good care, and keep us informed, Jean x

Hello love. Oh dear, I do understand very well, how the feeling takes you, when you dont like what you see in the mirror.

Ive battled with weight all my life. ive lost goodness knows how many stones, only to regain them and more again!

This year I have found the strength to change my appearance for the better. But I needed help to do it.

My sis said she was joining Slimming World, as she felt fat at just 1 stone over her ideal weight.

now that is what some folk find odd, if they are carrying more weight than a stone. This can seem faddy to the likes of yours truly who is currently around 13stone.

But I went along with sis to join SW. Guess what happend?

I couldnt stand on the scales, due to weak legs. So the leader lets me go for nowt and gain inspiration to follow the diet plan.

And wow!.is it a great plan? Its the best ive ever done and the food is yummy without needing a lot of cooking, preparing etc.

I reckon I have lost over 2 stones, going by my clothes. Ive coloured my hair..again with the help of my lovely sis, started wearing make up and feel great.even tho I am a full time wheelie.

So, do you have a friend or relative who would help you out this way?

You are worth every penny you may spend in an effort to feel better about yourself.

We are all grieving for the old us…but I dont want to waste anymore time looking older than my 60 years.

Go on hun, give yourself a makeover…again…you ARE worth it.

much lov


You moan away. Nothing wrong with expressing how rubbish things can be. And writing stuff down can, in itself, be very powerful and can give some relief from thoughts that are just churning round and round and not getting anywhere.

Feeling cornered by MS is a very good description - I like that, and it rings very true to me too. Trouble is, once you are in a corner, it is so difficult to plan your way out of it; every promising-looking exit route seems blocked with insurmountable obstacles. It is very hard to know where to start, or even to believe, really and truly, that change for the better is possible (or so it seems to me). Personally, when my thinking gets stuck in that sort of place, I need some help to get out of it. For me, that has meant counselling. Not CBT, valuable though that can be, but proper hour-a-week-for-months in-depth counselling. Somehow that counselling setting can help a person see things from a different perspective. For me, that has been extremely helpful. Worth considering, perhaps?

Anyway, I do hope that something unexpected and nice happens soon for you. Sometimes that can be all it takes to give a person a bit of heart and make everything look brighter.



im really sorry your feeling like this, im in the same position altho im starting to get more determined that im not going to let this beat the crap out of me altho sometimes it does, the best thing is to have people that understands where your coming from, how your feeling and are there for you when you need them, its good to have things to keep your mind occupied and determined to be able to do them, ive managed to now set myself small tasks to do that i can cope with, and on a bad stretch i just think ill kick its ass tomorow when i get the rest and strength up to do it, ive come across the idiots who say silly things who obviously have no idea and that just makes me more determined to prove them wrong, the way i see it, is that its a everyday battle that gradually everyday im going to get better at beating it, ive started to make decorations and card toppers and things like that, it keeps my mind busy and looking forward to coming up with new ideas and it relaxs me aswell, my cat helps me alot aswell, hes as nutty as me so it helps

Thanks so much all of you for the really lovely encouragement and support, am spending more time planning a way forward than thinking there isn’t one, more contact with the world will be my starter for ten x

just take one step at a time, once you can take one step you will start to feel more confident to take the next step in doing whatever you want to do, if you come across any idiots with stupid things they say, just think as i do…they have no idea of what i can do and what im capable of doing, you will slowly start to surprise yourself at how strong you are and what you can do, thats the best feeling ever