Don't mind being disabled

I was my car dealers today asking for advice about the gimics on my new mobility car (Kia Venga) which I love and was asking the salesman how much it would cost if I was too buy it and was told that it would set me back 16k I really am not that bothered that I have a disability because if I didn’t then I could never afford a 16k car, that’s more expensive than my mums car

Oh, whilst I see what you mean, I think you may get a few replies saying a car is not a good swap for a life of disabling problems.I`d rather have my body working properly personally.

luv Pollx

we are all so different … i would rather have my good health back than anything… i would give everything up and live in a tent if i could…

I bought a brand new 4x4 six weeks before diagnosis and it has never been off the driveway since diagnosis because I will not drive with this debilitating dizziness. I would willingly give it away to have my MS taken away.


i understand the previous replies but i also understand what u are saying re car! happy driving!

ellie x

ps if the time ever comes (and i hope it doesnt) that u cant drive thru ill health then i think u will have a better understanding of previous replies.

what an awful way to think, you will upset people on here,who are very ill with their MS,and would give anything at all to be must be such a shallow person,you remind me of what my brother said to me,when i got diagnosed,that it was ok to have MS,and he wishes he could get it,then HE could have a car for free !!!

I assume you are trying to put a positive spin on having MS,i.e every cloud has a silver lining.

Otherwise, there is no way I could be grateful for having MS so that I could drive a nice car!!!

Hi. Firstly just to let you all know I am replying on my husbands site. I don’t have MS but my husband does.

Please don’t be grateful for having such an awful illness. NOT even a car is worth it. I assume that you are not in a bad stage of MS – but please remember there are countless numbers of people who are!. When writing & posting messages it is really a good idea to take into account others feelings. NOT only the feelings of the affected person but also their spouses/partners. You can easily annoy people – not a good idea. Like so many others, I see what the person I love has to go through with MS – and I also consider others with the illness. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE think about what you are writing. MS is serious - it’s not a free ride.

Every cloud has…

This reminds me of that thread “using ms” to get out of things. Having ms is not fun so any positive to come from it is a good thing surley?


I think Raggamuffin is just seeing it as his cup is half full… not a bad attitude to have… after all, a negative attitude won’t make your MS go away.

Pat x

I agree Pat… I think we all try and do that. I do it with the fact the mortgage was paid, the fact I have a reserved parking space right outside the office and I’m sure there is more that I could apply it to. Sure id rather have my health and I really would…have envy of others merrily waltzing round with not a care in the world…however it’s better to view things this way or we might crack up and everyday would be very depressing. I have a family inc a young boy to stay positive for and if I can teach him to view things in a positive way then I feel this is a good thing. I don’t think Raggamuffin meant to cause any upset at all. X

I am so very very sorry for upsetting anybody I just try and keep positive when I see other people older than me and with more problems than me keep going and seem to be able to do more than I can I try to stay positive and keep going.

I guess maybe I haven’t got it as bad as some people but I just try to stay positive asnd upbeat and feel that moaning and winging like my mum does doesnt help matters.

Once again I am sorry if I have upset anybody but just look at the paralympics I saw people who were in wheelchairs or false legs say that that if somebody offered them their legs back they would say no because they wouldn’t be the same person and would not be in the paralympics.

I just think that is a great attitude to have and you just hae to get on with what ever you have got

since when is being disabled a good thing? i know everyones entitled to there own opinions…but, i would give anything to turn back time and for the neuro dr tell me theres nothing wrong and i should see a psychiatrist instead, but it never happened like that, disabled = bad legs, bad headaches n migraines, optic neuritis, enough tablets to take that you sound like a box of tic tacs, tiredness that stops you doing everyday things, needing grab rails, crutches, adaptations, endless appointments to see all these people you’ve never heard of before, trying to cope with the pain, endless assessments then told you are a liar,…any of this come across as a good thing to be disabled? i think not, but hey, its my opinion

I had to laugh out loud at your second post Ragamuffin… I don’t think you realise the irony of apologising if you have offended anyone and in the same breath quote paralymians as being grateful to be in such a fortunate position…absolutely hilarious!!

oh dear…

i have been around on the forum for around 7 years and have seen all sorts. during that time you get to spot the winders up. i have no idea who ragamuffin but have read several of his/her previous posts and i dont believe for a second that s/he intentionally upset anyone. this forum is meant to be somewhere we can share how we are feeling…thats difficult to do via the written word as we ALL interpret the words differently depending on previous life experience and how we are feeling today. its all too easy to be offended/upset by what someone else has said without thinking ‘what has prompted he/she to write such a thing?’

we are ALL at different stages with our ms and ALL coping in our OWN way the best we can. i suspect folk come here for support and will be taken aback for describing how they feel…and wont bother joining in-thats concerning me…

ellie x

I can see what OP is saying in her second post. I know of people who are deaf and have deaf children. They won’t have cochlear implants for their kids because they don’t mind that they are deaf. They feel deaf is a way of life, not a disability.

I’m early stage MS and have thought a lot about future disability. For example I know I’d rather lose use of my legs than my arms. Or my sight. There are certain disabilities that will be hard but which I personally feel I would be able to live with. Without my legs I can still work and be fairly independent. I would miss my arms or my sight more than my legs.

The OP can look on the bright side in her own way. I know that when I was diagnosed and work offered me part time I was delighted. Because I had wanted to go part time for a long time but hadn’t been allowed. So yeah, I saw that as a “perk” to having MS. God, the disease sucks so much, we have to take the smallest thing as a silver lining.


who or what is OP please?

i thought that i couldnt cope with speech problems-seems daft as i ‘handle’ bowel/bladder incontinence,right sided weakness (and am naturally right handed!),mobility issues AND i am coping in my own way with speech/language difficulties. i have no idea if they are right or wrong generally but i manage in MY way. its all we can do we are stronger than we think when the chips are down…

ellie x

Hi Ellie

OP means Original Poster - that is the person who started the thread.

You are dead right - we learn to cope. We each manage in our own way.

Me? I (almost) wish I could get a Motability car - but I don’t qualify 'cos I am too old.
I bought a six-month old car once - and three weeks later the myelitis struck! I lived with it through the change to RRMS and when I had real problems getting in and out of the car, I had to change it.
That is the way the cards got dealt - that is the hand I have to play.
We cope.


You must have such a materialistic outlook view on your life, you are obviously very young and dont really know what you are saying, so let me get this right you much prefer to getting a nice new car off motability than not have MS as you’re car is worth 16k which is something you could not afford?

I would give all my benefits back if I could get 100% of my health back,

Al x


duh,of course-ta!

‘That is the way the cards were dealt - that is the hand I have to play’ - thats more or less word for word what my wise brother says! he says its unfortunate i was dealt cr*p cards but i am still in the game!

ellie x