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Hia itMOBILITY carANYONE ng back in the New year , second Car with them Nissan . 6 years and put the mileage from both cars together 15 000 … I live on my own , I NEED IT TO GET MY 11 YEA OLD DAUGHTER @ THE WEEKEND. But she’s getting to the age that her mates are going to be an , important part of her life , she won’t want to come as often 15 miles away hence car . So I was Thinking ow that hurt , …ANYONE KNOW HOW MUCH THE HIGH RAIT IS FOR THE MOBILITY

Component .? Im thinking ow , About Buying a car with the money instead not new 2 or so years old , a lot of them are giving away 3 years incrance ? ?.. free serviceing , HELP , PS HAS ANYONE used the ms society insurance for Cars , so bloody sorry for the long long leter … BY THE WAY MS SO WEB TEAM , YOUR PROGRAM DONT LIKE SAMSUNG tablets , , get on it pls …x

So sorry to Everyone who reads this but i didnot put it in order this ha ha whats ongoog give u

Up x phil

l get the high rate mobility - for about 27yrs now. l choose not to use it for buying a car through motability. l need a large automatic estate - big enough for dogs and scooter - live in a rural area so need 4x4. Lots of good secondhand buys. Low mileage - full service history - one careful owner is what l look for. Or buy one of the used motability cars - this is what a couple of my friends do. l still get free road tax - and my car insurance is very low as l have full no claims. [DVLA informed about my MS] l have a Subaru Forester - and the insurance is £178 a year. Do the sums - and what works out for you.

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