Hire Car - abroad- advice please?

Well my hols are looming and I’m starting to count the weeks (can’t wait) whilst praying everything stays ok! We will probably need to hire a car. I have never hired a car abroad and now I have ms so even more nervous. We are going to the Azores, so Europe. Can anyone give advice about the possibility of hiring a car with ms?

thanks in advance.

Not sure it would make any difference? i haven’t got MS my wife has (diagnosed afew days ago).We go to Spain fairly often as we have a place there and always book a hire car from airport.My wife wont drive over there anyway but when i book pretty much the only question is drivers age as far as i can recall.

Insurance will probably be the only issue, but if your normal UK policy covers the EU, best make sure Azores included (& sure you’ll have informed them about MS) there shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Not MS related but advise not to use the local insurance anyway and make sure you make a note (& photo) of any damage/scratches before you drive off and deposit evidence (also keeping record yourself) with hire firm.

Have a truly wonderful holiday and please send some sunshine in our direction!

Thank you both. Tippy I will investigate my car insurance, I’m not sure I included that option (mhmm should have thought of that when I renewed). That’s exactly what I do in this country when I get a hire car when my car is poorly in the garage, because, as you say, their insurance excess was about £250 whereas I don’t have an excess on my insurance. That was pre ms days as well. Interestingly I was dreading my car going into the garage in January just gone ( not for the usual reason!) as just typical the date I had to send my non medical drivers licence back to dvla was a couple of days before my car was in the garage. I got my check licence code and at the same time I noticed that the dvla had updated my record. I really thought the garage would refuse to give me the car, but I told myself, well still got my licence and I’ll put it on my insurance. At the end of the day, when I was giving them the keys back, I asked if a 3 year licence made any difference. Basically they didn’t care as long as I had a licence! Talk about worrying again! I suppose it’s just that it’s all new still and I’m finding things out. I keep trying to use logic but it really is like having a two way conversation with yourself with this ms. Yes my insurance company know. I’ll phone them up tomorrow to see how much extra it is to add Europe. Bit annoyed with myself about that!

Good tip about the photos, I have heard that they try and scam you.

O173, thank you for the reassurance.

Im so thankful for this forum. It’s an absolute godsend.

It can be very hard work to work out the pricing structures for hire cars. I can usually hire a car in Spain for less than 5 quid a day,but have been caught out by asking for a diesel on booking request but quote gives price which doesn’t include the 40 euro surcharge for diesel(hidden in small print) so doubles the price, then there is fuel on top and various options some where you get car full but have to return empty(well you pay for full tank) so if not going far there may be other options which work better but extra surcharge over fuel actually used.Look out for mileage limits as well(if you are going far?)as surcharges may be hidden in small print.

The insurance(nothing to do with Ms) will probably claim to include everything when booked but when you get there you may get a load of spiel,about tyres ,roof ,underside,glass,breakdown etc etc not covered and have to leave excess of maybe £1500 on your credit card,if you don’t take the full cover for best part of 200 quid extra! I Pay about £40 a year for a hire car excess policy(look on money saving expert?).You still would have to authorise the potential duduction from credit card but then claim back against this policy if needed.

Have a great Holiday

Thanks OI73. Lots of useful advice there. Got 6 weeks left so hopefully enough time for more research. Thank you for pointing out the traps to look out for. My friend and I are fairly savvy, but with all the stress at the moment things slip through the net. Thanks again.

No idea about car hire, but you are going to love the Azores.

I hope so. I can’t wait. I keep holding my breath that I’ll stay okay. Just checked the calendar 8 weeks…

thanks again everyone.

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I’ve hired a car in the USA with no trouble. Haven’t tried mainland Europe (well, the Azores aren’t mainland Europe exactly, but you know what I mean!) but don’t suppose that Portugal is likely to be trickier than the USA.

Good luck, and have a lovely holiday.


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