holiday car hire

I am going on holiday in a few weeks and need to hire a car in Italy. This will be the first car hire I have done since being diagnosed last year. Can anyone let me know if this affects me being able to do so? Do car hire companies kick up a fuss? Thanks, Ian

I don’t know about MS, but are you aware that the DVLA has recently scrapped the paper part of the driving licence?

To hire a car abroad you have to obtain a code from the DVLA. It also has a time limit of 72 hours.

Visit or call 0300 083 0013

I hired cars abroad for about 7 years after dx. I have not hired a car for the last 5 years as my preferred type of holiday has changed so unsure if things have changed other than the comment above.

enjoy Italy.


Hi Ian

I hired a car in Italy earlier this month. I didn’t tell them about my MS - and they didn’t ask about any health conditions. I always assumed that if I have a valid licence (albeit a short one now) then I am licenced to drive. It simply wasn’t an issue.

I have told my own car insurers of course - but it made no difference to premiums etc.

Have a great holiday - the driving is bonkers!

Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. Ian

Good evening

I have just come back from The Azores and I had a hired car. When I booked the car online, there was no medical questions to answer. When I collected the car, I handed over the relevant paperwork including my license (which the DVLA has recently re issued a 3 year one, due to the fact that I had informed them of my MS)) and no one questioned it. I also took that code that that the DVLA now issue when hiring a car and no one was interested in that either!! The only question I was asked was would you like to upgrade your car.

I hope this helps