Driving license renewal and car hire

Hello, was wondering if any one can help, when renewing driving license do you need to send in your photo card. I hire cars a lot and can’t be waiting 3 months with no license? Also anyone else had any difficulties with hiring a car with medical license?



my licence came came back within 10 days. If you read the forms I think it says somewhere on them not to send the licence back if it has less than x days or months left to run. There’s nothing to stop you ticking the box to say you have lost the licence so you can’t sent it back.

I have not sent my Licence back. I am still waiting to find out if I am allowed a new one. Mine expired back at the beginning of April but as I have not had a decision back yet I am still able to drive on this licence according to UK law. But unfortunately Hire companies particularly those abroad will not entertain this.

Also in so many cases now people want to see photo ID I would be lost without it!


I didn’t send my photo driving licence in to get a new one as I needed it. This didn’t matter and got a new one months later after my old one had expired.


My driving licence expired in November 2016. Have been chasing the DVLA several times a month since. It is now July 2017 (some 8 months later) and still they are claiming that it is in the queue to be looked at.

As posted above no driving licence means no car hire whilst on holiday.

There are numerous posts regarding the DVLA delays on various forums.

The question that needs to be asked is this excessive and totally avoidable delay akin to systematic disability discrimination given the severe constraints not actually having a licence puts on people?

Any suggestions.

Contact your MP it works wonders

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Hi. I haven’t posted for a couple of years as my spms still lets me walk and slight use of my left hand fingers and not too bad - yet.

Anyway, I get mine replaced every three years at the moment and DVLA write to my GP to find out if I’m still suitable to drive. She has to fill in a form confirming I don’t have any vision problems after an optic neuritis problem 12 years ago. This was the prelude to my ms. As for hiring cars or vans, they just require the start and expiry date and have never asked why.