DVLA - licence about to run out

Hi all. I filled out the form to renew my 3 year licence and have had a letter to say not to contact DVLA - they are waiting for Neuro to return forms. I have asked neuro’s secretary to bring them to his attention as my licence runs out in 2 weeks. My question is can I still drive if I dont get my licence by then AND what about the photo card licence which also has the same expiry date. SHould I have out a form a new one of those too? At the time of renewal there were no forms mentioning the photo card. Thanks so much for any help / info on this one. Roger.

I had this problem when waiting for results… best thing to do is to ask the DVLA themselves if you can drive or not while waiting. I know that you have to have all the forms with them and get some advice from the doctor, ask doctor id you are safe to drive and they should go by that word, but if they don’t you can get the doctor to send a letter.

I know this is so annoying wish they would speed things up if they want to make a license expiry all the time…

check but I’m certain you can drive whilst they renew it - I am! The DVLA have had my license for 6 months, it expired in Oct. I needed a copy of my license for insurance purposes, the DVLA sent a letter starting that I’m allowed to drive as per normal license whilst it’s under review.

Thabk you both above for your replies. My neurologist made a note in his file back in Jan saying I was OK to drive but it just takes forever to be processed. Meanwhile I am wondering about my photo card which has next month’s expiry date on it. Anyone know if I should have filled in any forms about that? - I didn’t receive any at the time - only the form for the paper licence. Thanks again… R.

I sent both parts back at the same time, I think the same form is applicable to both

yes,you can still drive while awaiting DVLA awaiting answers,if still 2 weeks to go dont panic,i got my ne licience in exactly the day the other ran out,I phoned DVLA and that is wot i was told

I’d be inclined to speak to the Traffic Division of your local Conploduary. They’re the people who would be ‘doing’ you if there is anything untoward with you driving without the new licence. Personally I would use the 141 facility or a phone box when ringing them and would keep all details vague.

DVLA are a law unto themselves and are typical of a bad Government agency, and I’m sure their mission in life is to reduce the number of road users by any means.

In past dealings I have always copied any correspondence and sent it registered


ps I’m not paranoid,just pragmatic

They should have sent a letter which states you can drive even if your license is expired whilst they make their enquires.