Renewing licence

Just coming up to the third anniversary of my post-diagnosis driving licence. I really don’t know what happens. Do the DVLA contact me and send me the forms?



They should do, I think it’s normally about a month before it’s due. But if you don’t hear anything then give them a call.

When you do send the usual medical questionnaire to them for the renewal, don’t expect them to reply any time soon. I think the quickest I’ve had mine back is 3 months, while the longest took over 9 months. But don’t worry if the expiry date passes, you’re still allowed to drive while it’s being renewed (you’ll get a letter from the DVLA confirming that).


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Hi I received a renewal questionnaire a month before my expiry date on my 3 year licence. I promptly filled this in and returned it and to my surprise I received a new licence with a 5 year term. The covering letter suggested that my lack of relapses over the 3 years put me into an improved bracket. It’s a bit of a worrying time while you’re waiting but good luck.

I’m at the worrying time, waiting to see what will happen!

The DVLA sent me the forms which I duly promptly returned - things went quiet - then they - replied I needed a medical. I had to chase them up and arrange a doctors appointment. During this time my licence had lapsed and I was driving without a valid licence. (The DVLA pay the doctor to do the medical £150???) DVLA said that was o.k but I did wonder if I was in an accident and a large claim made whether or not my Insurance Company would be happy that I didn’t have a valid licence when the accident happened. You are as well contacting your Insurance Co. to check this out.

Don’t worry, you’re definitely allowed to drive if the renewal date has passed, as long as you’ve sent your renewal application in. You should have had an acknowledgement letter from them saying they’ve received your application, and that letter also confirms you can still drive whilst they process your renewal.


This is the link to the DVLA instruction that you’re generally Ok to keep driving: Medical conditions, disabilities and driving: What happens after you tell DVLA - GOV.UK


thanks Sue - reading the info re driving whilst waiting for the DVLA to process things it seems you have to have your doctor’s permission to drive if your licence has ‘run out.’ Not sure what would happen if you were in an accident and you hadn’t got permission form the g.p. to continue driving. Could the Insurance people refuse to pay out if they found this out and you were at fault?

I don’t read it like that. I believe it means that unless your doctor has directly told you not to drive, then as long as the DVLA have your renewal / notification (send by recorded delivery), you are legally driving and your insurance would be valid.

If bothered by a DVLA delay and you go over the end of your date of license, possibly try phoning DVLA?


The problem arises because the DVLA for whatever reason is very slow to process all the applications. Being a bit? cynical re insurance companies I wonder if they would NOT support a driver who is involved in an accident because he/she hasn’t seen a g.p. during the period when the licence had expired.

I always interpreted that the same as Sue. But you could always call your insurer and ask them if they have a stated policy. Or simply arrange an appointment with your GP for them to give you a once over, and confirm they have no objection.