DVLA (2)

Had a medical as requested by DVLA -

Dr says i’s o.k. to drive but my licence ran out yesterday. (DVLA been very slow with this process)

Despite not having current licence is it alright for me to drive?

I think you’re Ok to drive until and unless the DVLA say you can’t. The form you filled in when you renewed your license says you can still drive while waiting for their response. Have a look at Medical conditions, disabilities and driving: What happens after you tell DVLA - GOV.UK


Yes you are fine to drive, unless told not to by the Dr or DVLA. Have you spoken to the staff in the medical dept of the DVLA? If not give them a ring and ask for an update on your case. I did that yesterday and spoke to a lovely young lady who kindly told me a new licence was in the post and have a Merry Christmas. (Licence arrived today)

heard nothing from DVLA - licence expired before Christmas. Dr said I could continue driving but I wonder if this is o.k. with my Insurance Company - at the moment I don’t have a valid licence (don’t want to ask them as they may say I can’t drive!)

Yep ok to drive whilst DVLA issue medical licence.

If I recall the DVLA actually state in the paper they send out that your current licence is now void but you can still drive whilst a final decision is made.

As for your insurance you just tell them you have notified DVLA and waiting a reply.

You haven’t been told NOT to drive so it wont affect your insurance, and even if your put on a medical licence your insurance company cannot penalize you.