Medical Review Licence

So in common with most people I guess I’ve been told by the DVLA that I need to accept a Medical Review Licence. No big deal I suppose and I now have to return my licence. The trouble is that I’m not sure if I am still permitted to drive whilst I wait for it to be issued. Frankly I think this a bit of an omission and that they should say one way or another. I’ve tried calling them many times but can’t get through. I assume that folks here have experience of this so if you’ve asked the question

“Can I still drive whilst I wait for my Medical review Licence?”

before and got a response I’d appreciate knowing what that is. In fairness my partner would appreciate it more as she’ll have to do all the shopping and be “designated driver” in the highly unlikely event that we are alloed to do anything or go anywhere in the near future!

To the best of my knowledge you can still drive o your old licence until they issue your medical one. I know I did and it took 5 months for mine to be issued due to a consultant who wouldn’t answer DVLA letters.

Same as Moirah, unless your letter says otherwise, you can still drive whilst waiting for the process to complete. It does take some time because the DVLA has to wait for your clinician to answer. My licence is renewed every three years. The last time it took almost nine months, but I was able to drive whilst waiting.

Thought I’d replied to this but can’t see it. Apologies if it appears twice. Same as Moirah, unless your letter says otherwise, you can still drive whilst waiting for your new licence. I’ve gone through this every three years for the past eighteen years. The last time it took about nine months but during that time I was able to continue driving.

I was told I could continue driving whilst waiting for a new licence. I checked with my Insurance Company and they had no problem with me driving,

Yes you can still drive whilst waiting for your replacement licence as long as there is no medical reason that you are aware of that would stop you being granted a new licence.

I was told that it was OK to drive, but just to be on the safe side, I photocopied my old licence so I still had something to produce in case the new one was delayed. Shouldn’t have worried, it was back within a week with no problems.

Thanks all. I did FINALLY get through to the DVLA who confirmed that I could still drive whilst waiting on my new licence. Like yourself Fracastorius I’ve also made a copy of both sides of the licence to make sure I have something should I need to show “something”.

It does say on the letter from the DVLA that you can still drive whilst your current licence is under review.

I literally sent the completed forms back this morning.

This will be my 2nd 3 year medical licence.