DVLA Medical delay in decision

Hi, I’m new to this forum/society so apologies if this is in a past post. Has anyone else been held up by the DVLA for as long as 3 months? In addition to MS I have a heart condition. For the HC I’ve never been medicated but have been restricted to non-motorway driving. I had a medical 3 months ago, requested by the DVLA, and they are yet to make a decision as to whether I can keep my licence. I’ve called several times to chase and keep being told it’s with a team of Doctors. Can anyone offer advice how to move this along as it is really stressing me out. Thanks in advance

Hi there - I have got my licence back but there is a hold up on my sons (he has a restricted licence)it must be 4 months

Does he have medical conditions in addition to MS?

Thank you for your message. Does he have another medical complication or giving any reason for such a delay?

I think the DVLA are just bogged down. I was concerned when I had to have a medical that the licence had exoired before the result of the medical. I was advised that as long as my GP gave the go ahead I could continue to drive and that the Insurance Company was happy with that. I did wonder tho’ if I was responsible for a major accident would the Insurance Co pay out or would they try to wheedle out of it by saying I shouldn’t have been driving. (not the OP)

I had a 12 week wait for my licence due to other medical conditions. You can still drive whilst waiting for a decision. Very hard to not fret but try not to.

3yr licence has taken nearly 4months so far to be renewed…

Hi anon

I think 3 months is the quickest I’ve had mine back, while the longest was about 12 months. So I wouldn’t worry about not having a reply yet. Phoning the DVLA doesn’t do anything to speed it up. You’re definitely OK to carry on driving though, even if your licence has expired. You should have had a letter from the DVLA confirming you can still drive while your renewal application is assessed. If you want to be sure, you could always ask the DVLA to send you confirmation.



Thank you for your message. Does he have another medical complication or giving any reason for such a delay?

[/quote] He has bipolar not MS

He has bipolar not MS

Hi,to everyone on this thread previously or trying to get somewhere with DVLA medical team. I’ve been stuck not driving for over a year as had bad relapse that particularly affected walking and right leg, the one u brake with, so bit of an issue. Unfortunately my driver’s license was due for renewal in Nov so started process to renew back in August to allow time. Have had letter back from DVLA early October saying they had response from my consultant and… Have been waiting ever since. Have phoned a few times, and told every time it’s with the medical team and they can’t give me any timescale for when they will respond. I can’t drive while I’m waiting as most likely need to be assessed for getting special controls to drive. Am desperate to get back to driving and not have to rely on other people do much. Great if you can share you’re experiences and particularly how long it took. Also, any idea how long to get an assessment for using special controls? And to the original poster, do hope you’ve got your license now and how long did it take? Thanks froo