I was asked to surrender my driving licence just before Christmas as a consequence of being diagnosed with MS. This was after I had filled in the relevant forms. I still haven’t received it back.

Just wondering is this due to the Christmas break or does it always take this long?



Don’t worry mine took about two months or so, nothing changed apart from only having a three year license instead of ten year. The insurance company I was with didn’t up the premium either ( I was expecting a dent in my purse) just adjusted the info. It was all good.

Thanks Felix. That seems an awful long time I need it to hire a horse Box! (First world issues!!!)

sally x

Renewing my driving licence took over 3 months! Phoned Swansea today and my new 3 year driving licence is ‘in the post’ This process started over 3 months ago - they wanted a medical - eventually I had to chase them up to send the relevant forms to my GP (Fax.) Evidently they are tightening up on the re-issuing of licences.

That’s crazy. Thinking of phoning them. X

It took a few months for mine to come back although you are still allowed to drive until they get back to you. Had a 10 year license but now only three year renewal. You may find that you lose classes C1 and D1 so depending on the Horsebox you are looking for there may be some bad news.

If you do lose them and you need them then there is a process to appeal to get them back but don’t expect that to be quick and/or easy.

Good luck with it.

Oh no! That will be really awful. Thanks for the warning.

Sally x

Yes, they took the ability to drive anything over 3.5 tonne and mini buses off my licence as well, just after my friend put me on her insurance to drive her (new to her) 6.5 ton horsebox lorry. Still, plenty of nice 3.5t horse vans out there. In fact my friends old 3.5 t horse van was more fuel efficient than my car which I could never understand how as both 2l deisel - it was amazing- a Renault menovo I think. I think you can apply to get the categories back on, but I believe it costs and you have to do it every year so not worth it for me personally, although it does physiologically feel like your world is getting restricted.

Thanks. I was looking for a 3.5 ton one so hopefully it will be ok. I just need my licence back!!

You can still drive whilst waiting for the DVLA to do their enquiries. It took them 12 weeks to sort mine from start to finish. If I remember correctly it was eight weeks for the MS dept then I was sent a letter to tell me all fine to carry on driving but………. your licence is due to run out soon (6 months time) so please fill in the diabetes form and if you don’t reply within 21 days you wont be able to drive any more. My licence came back Christmas eve.

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