DVLA query - help needed please

Hi all. I was diagnosed with MS in August 2012 and consequently was advised to return my driving license to DVLA, which I did straight away. I have received letters back since, the last one saying that I am medically safe to drive. No mention of them putting any restrictions against it!! Although I have been advised of this I still have not received my license back! Is anyone able to advise whether the same has happened to them please? (Letter received but no mention of them sending my card back etc) I thought it best to try and ask for help here before I have the major task of trying to get information from the DVLA about what they have done with my actual ‘card and accompanying paper part’ of my license. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. :-)x

I think they generally put you on a 3 year license as a matter of course upon diagnosis now


my restrictions were losing the 7.5 ton lorry bit , and no bus driving , the rest was as it was

pps , they are very slow to respond generally :0)


Not sure I can help. I downloaded the medical questionnaire from the DVLA website and sent it off. My neuro then took two months to respond to them. Eventually the DVLA wrote to tell me I would be on a three year license. It was at this point that I sent it to them, and the new license it took just over a week to arrive. Hope you get it sorted

It took 2-3 months to get my licence back. Its now 3 year and other restrictions same as achord.

i phoned dvla and told them that i had ms. they said to send my license back but they returned a new 3 year license within 2 weeks.

i would ring them or write to them

carole x