Renewing 3 year driving licence

Hi there,

My 3 year driving licence is up for renewal in April 2014. Does DVLA contact me to inform me about this or is it up to me to tell them. I don’t want to be in the position of driving without a licence. This is the first time I will have renewed the 3 year licence. Any replies gratefully received.



I have to get my license renewed every 3 years due to my diabetes (just been diagnosed with DEVICS aswell) and they write to me every time it is due to be renewed with the medical forms, etc to be completed.

If you havent heard anything by about 2 - 3 months before the renewal, just give them a call to jiggle them up a bit.



Hi Cathy The DVLA will contact you asking for your licence to be returned if you wish to re-apply. My licence was returned in November for renewal. I got an update to say they were awaiting neuro report. My last letter received Saturday, said it will take upto 12 weeks for the final decision and to carry on driving until I hear from them. At least there is no charge. Neil

Hello Cathy I’m just going through the licence renewal process for the second time. You will be sent a medical questionnaire about three months before the renewal date to complete and return. DVLA will write to your GP or neurologist for a short report. Assuming all information satisfactory you will be sent a new licence. The form is sent automatically, you don’t have to ask for it. John

Thanks for getting back to me. I will wait for the DVLA to send the forms.


As others have said,the DVLA will contact you. Soon too I would imagine. I’m doing mine now for a March expiry.

The blurb on the form is confusing but on part seems to say you are ok to drive while waiting for your new licence. Confusingly another part says you can’t.