Driving Licence

I need to notify the DVLA of my diagnosis (a little late!). Any idea how long it will take for the new licence to come through please?

Just we are going abroad in 4 weeks…

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it can take up to 3 months Carrie

Hello, When I first notified them I had to wait nearly 6 months before any sort of reply-they needed two reminder e mails. When I finally received the appropriate forms, they needed names and addresses of all the medics involved plus most recent appointments. It was then another 4-5 weeks before they sent me back my 3 year licence! I am fairly affected however. Hopefully they won’t need as much chapter and verse from you! Anyway, it would normally take more than 4 weeks-I wonder if they respond to requests for urgency? Best wishes, Steve.

I think mine took about 8 weeks the first time. You could perhaps complete the form and ‘forget’ to enclose your existing licence. By the time they write back to say you have forgotten it you will have already been abroad. A bit naughty I know but at least you will still have the licence. Normally, the only difference anyway is that you will have a 3 year licence with the removal of the facility to drive a minibus etc.

Tracey x

Hi, Took 8 months to get my licence renewed in 2011. Takes about 10 weeks for your case to get to the top of the pile, then if they need further info, they send you a computer generated letter full of stand-alone paragraphs, and demand that they receive the info by a certain date, or else… Once the info has been received and logged, it then takes 10 weeks for your case to get to the top of the pile again and receive attention, and so the cycle begins again. Unless things have changed, 4 weeks seems very optomistic. Heather

I notified dvla on30th august and got my letter back yesterday so pretty quick, only i ticked a wrong box saying my citaloram causes me dizzy spells so not allowed to drive my own fault , so I need to resend the form but can’t drive at present so please double check and doublecheck your form and don’t be a plonker like me x

Mine took 12 weeks but I deliberately didn’t send my licence straight away and waited for them to request it once the decision had been made for a three year licence. It don’t seen to bother them and they never chased me for it. X

Since you admit yourself that you are notifying them a little late, why not just send a short letter notifying them of your diagnosis, a brief couple of lines type of letter, send your letter recorded delivery so you have proof you have told them. That way you keep your licence for when you need it in four weeks and you have told them, everything is above board. They 'll get back to you with any forms they need filled in. Cheryl:-)


Why don’t you write a letter informing them and ask them to forward any forms etc that you need to fill out. By the time they come through you will probably be about to go off on holiday and you can fill it in when you get back. I had about a month to fill mine forms in when i told them.

Send the letter recorded delivery though. When I did mine, they lost the paperwork twice and banned me from driving and that if I needed to challenge it, I had to go to court, all over a late form causing me no end of stress and then when I spoke to them telling them the form had just been sent off the day before they told me not to worry about it. (sigh) don’t you just love red tape.


I notified the dvla over a year ago before dx about dizziness that I was awarewere ggoing to happen. Didn’t have to send licence back. got a letter back saying I was ok to drive. Then in Feb revoked my licence because they didn’tknow why I collapsed gp had been so llong responding to the first notification. I had just got my diagnosis so re-applied for my licence straight away I’m still waiting for there decision. Chased them up a couple of weeks ago and said was with doctor that it coul be another 12 weeks is not a qquick process So if you fill out the medical questionnaire don’ have to ssend licence back and as long as your dr says you are ok to drive then you can drive until they make a decision. Barney

Hi Tricky. Lots of good advice given. I sent off my Confidential Medical Form on 20th July and only just today received a letter telling me I have to post my Drivers Licence to them. I wouldn’t imagine that you need to worry about having to do anything in the next 4 weeks… apart from wondering what to pack on your holiday! Best wishes Jane xx

Mine took almost 6 months as they wrote to my doctor and consultant, they had reminder letters sent to them too so it will depend on them and the waiting time at DVLA. There is a form available online (somewhere!) which you can send back and has all the questions you need to answer.