Driving license

hi all i was dx with rrms a week ago and now got forms from dvla to fill out.I am just wondering if anyone has ever not went on to a 3 year license or is it an automatic thing with MS?



Hi I got my new driving licence in 2004 and it’s due to be renewed in 2014. I had it changed because i can now only drive automatic cars with hand controls. So they must have changed it since then. Welcome Barry.



My licence us due for renewal in August. When should I applyfor the forms?



My license is due for renewal in July too, do I go to the DVLA or ring them and ask for the renewal forms? I thought they would inform me but Ive heard on here they dont.




I got renewal forms sent to me about 8 weeks before the licence expired. Apparantly the DVLA aim to do this 3 months before expiry date. To be honest I’d forgotton all about it until the renewal forms were sent.



I went onto a 3 year licence in 2007 which came up for renewal in 2010. The DVLA contacted me a couple of months before it expired so there was theoretically plenty of time to process the renewal before my old licence expired. Wrong. It look the DVLA 10 months to process the renewal. The Driver’s Medical Group is incredibly busy - every time they need further info it takes them 10 weeks to process it and get back to you. During this period I also got a new Motability car which I had problems getting insured for as my licence didn’t exist. Although the DVLA had issued me with a cover note, Motability’s insurance company (Sun Alliance?) were wary about using it to provide cover.


I also had to renew mine in 2010. Got the forms a couple of months before expiry and got my new licence in plenty of time. Wonder if it makes any difference which area you are in.

Hiya, i got Dx in Mar 2005, I informed the DVLA straight away as advised and they just sent mine back with no changes made to it, or a 3 year renewal. It just said on the letter no new for any changes and to keep as normal. I was told it went on what your Neuro told them. I know my friend who got Dx this year was put onto a 3 year renewal so maybe its mandatory now. Im happy that i dont have to go through the renewal every 3 yrs tho as it seems to be a bit of a nightmare for some on here.