Driving and DVLA

My wife has just been diagnosed with primary progressive and as advised I have informed the DVLA and they said that a form will be sent out to fill in. Has any body had any dealings with this form is it simple.

If you have a look on the gov website you can see the forms online if you’re curious on the questions x

Mine didn’t take long only a few weeks in total. . I got an a knowledgement first then once they had written to neuro I got a restricted 3 yr licence :frowning: I did consider challenging as they have taken everything above 3.5ton and I was angry as I am no different that I was prior to diagnosis … in end I didn’t as neuro suggested it wouldn’t make a difference

Hi Mollmoo. As your neuro says, it wouldn’t make any difference. From my understanding, it’s just standard to give everyone a 3 year license. Which makes sense with something like MS, whch can be so variable.



I’ve just completed my renewal application. It’s fairly straightforward. You need to give name & address of your GP & neuro,and any other specialists you see, and the last date you saw them. There’s a few tick-box questions too, like whether it affects your eyes or if you’ve had blackouts. It’s normal for them to take an age to get a decision through. I think mine averages about 6 months!

Tell your car insurance too. You risk invalidating your insurance if not. All they really need to know is that you’ve told the DVLA. If they attempt to put the insurance, tell them that they’re breaking the law - they cannot discriminate because of health conditions.


Do they contact you regarding renewal ? I have recently been given a ‘3 year’ & scared I will miss the renewal time.