Hi, I am newly diagnosed and not sure if I need to tell DVLA or not. At moment I am very well so don’t want to open a ‘can of worms’ if I dont have to??

What’s your advice?

You have to tell them by law I’m afraid else they may fine you. x

You can download a form direct from the DVLA website :slight_smile:

Yes there is a specific form for MS. I have just been through the process, which I have to say was a tad frustrating and I had to do quite a bit of chasing up. Once they receive your completed form they will send you a confirmation letter and will then contact your GP/Neurologist for a report. I then had to send my license back to be issued with a three year renewable license which I think is pretty standard for people with MS. You also need to let your car insurer know, they will probably be relaxed about it but if you dont then you could potentially invalidate your insurance.



JC’s comments are correct having just been through the process myself. DVLA are not very quick at responding it has taken them over six months from the original submission of the form for them to confirm that my licence will be changed to a 3 year medical licence I now have 3 weeks to return my current licence to be ammended. They do remove C1 and D1 categories which you then have to re-apply for if required ( if you tow a caravan or drive vehicles over 3.5t this may be needed) - my insurance companies were not concerned about MS but you still need to inform them

I have to say mine was sorted quite quickly but each case is different, I realise :slight_smile:

Hi vicky Yes as others have said , you must inform them, I informed them over the phone and they sent me the forms, just got my 3 year license back, took 8 weeks in total for me, which I’m lead to believe is very quick Gray


Have to agree with the other comments. You must inform DVLA and providing your symptoms do not prevent safe driving you can continue to drive while they issue you with the 3 year licence - this is renewed free of charge so at least there’s a small financial saving.

If your condition prevents you from driving be very careful when notifing DVLA. I was diganosed following a bout of the dreaded Optic Neuritis which took 3 months to clear. I notified DVLA and offered to surrender my licence - rather than them revoking it - as you are supposed to get it back quicker. Not in my case, once i got the all clear from the hospital I asked for my licence back and it took 6 months. You cant drive until they reissue your licence so it was almost a year before I got back on the road.

Be honest when completing the form as the fine for stating a falsehood is severe.

I am still waiting to hear back from them and I sent form in April. I did get a letter a couple of weeks ago saying they were contacting my consultant.

Thanks for all your replys.

I have printed of the form from the DVLA website. Luckily I have never suffered with ON and am quite well at the moment so I really really hope this does not effect my licence. We live out in the sticks and I would be lost without my car!

Will phone car insurance people now.

hi vicky i have had ms for12yr and i have not told dvla why rock the boat when you are healthy i will only tell them when i am to ill to drive even told my ms nurse she said i should tell them but as long as your ok in your self. cos if i couldn’t drive i would b more stressed and that could bring on a its up to you hope you keep well for a very long time.x

I believe it’s a legal requirement to inform DVLA. If you are fit to drive they will not take your licence away. Sorry I don’t understand why you wouldn’t tell them. Jan

Here is a link for the DVLA page. You can be fined £1,000 if you don’t tell them and if you have an accident you could be prosecuted, plus I am pretty sure it will invalidate your insurance.

If you have an accident, and they investigate your insurance will be void , and you can be prosecuted for driving with an invalided license

You won’t lose your DL, like others have said you must inform them and you’ll get a 3 year renewable DL back. I was planning to call them this week as it had been a couple of months since I’d sent my DL back but it was in my letter box on Monday.

You should get a 3 year renewable licence - mine took under 3 months from me sending in the forms to them sending me back my new licence. I asked them if I could carry on driving while I waited for them to assess me and they said that I could if my doctor said I was safe to drive.

My husband rang the car insurance (policy is in his name, I’m named driver) and they weren’t interested, the fact DVLA deemed me safe to drive was all they cared about. I do seem to recall someone on here saying that their insurer had hiked their renewal premium because they now have a 3 year licence, so that may be something to watch out for (but then, insurers don’t need much excuse to hike the premiums on any policy, do they?!).

Hi, just going through this now myself. I have sent back the form to DVLA yesterday. My husband phoned insurers and they have said I am not to drive until DVLA sorted out, but I have read that you can still drive while this process is taking place so I am totally confused.

This is interesting. I have seen the neuro, and the ms nurse - and neither mentioned this to me. I would have known nothing about this, if I hadn’t looked on this site.

I think I’ probably about half way through the process, I have filled in the form and I’ve had the letter telling me they are contacting my neuro. I’ve done all I can so I’m covered redarding a fine and just need to wait, I’m in no no hurry for it though.

There shouldn’t be any issue with the Insurance Company unless they misunderstood. Your license is still valid whilst DVLA do their processing and when they have come to their decision they will give a choice of appealing their decision or returning your photo license and counterpart. If you don’t return within a defined timescale your license will be cancelled, if you do return your documents you are still coverred to drive and if called on to present your driving license you can use the DVLA letter as evidence of your proof to drive. JC