Hi all, I am new to this site, have recently been diagnosed with MS & I am after some advice please. I have not read anything on google and not really feeling up to reading anything about the diagnosis so soon. I have been advised by my GP that I must inform DVLA of my diagnosis! I have completed the CN1 form & will be posting this soon but I am unsure whether I am required to send my actual licence with the form? Also, I am unsure whether they are likely to put any restrictions on my licence & if so what are these likely to be? And how long for? I am not currently receiving any treatment but I have only been diagnosed 2 weeks!! I would be very grateful for any information on this subject and also if any1 knows whether I am required to inform my car insurance company too?? x

Yes I sent my licence away. Dvla wrote to my neuro and then sent me a 3 year licence back. Insurance - yes you must disclose. But they can’t put your premium up. Good luck Min xx

It will probably take a few months; they will ask for your licence when need be. They write to your GP and Neuro and if you’re not badly affected they will eventually send you a 3 year licence when your MS is reviewed. Don’t forget to also advise your car insurance.

One thing I will tell you as there is a time limit from diagnosis. If you have a mortgage check your house insurance; see if it covers ‘critical illness;’ MS is so it could mean you mortgage paid off.


Thank u for your comments. Can I drive in the meantime? Oh, do u know what the time limit is please? Hadn’t thought about that. Do have a mortgage & a critical illness cover too! Thought it only covered terminal illness? Worth a check. Thank u for your help Tracey

The time limit for a critical illness claim depends on the terms of your policy. Mine was just three months from diagnosis, so you’ll need to dig out the paperwork and look sharp!


The Insurance Company thing is a matter of the contract between you and them.
If you do not disclose, you are in breach of the contract - and that can nullify your insurance.
Often, they do not even acknowledge your letter.

If you want a form of words that can be used for DVLA and Insurance both, send me a PM with an e-mail address ('cos I don’t know if you can attach stuff to PMs).


Hi Tracey

Nothing much to add to what everyone else has said, other thanto say yes, you can keep on driving in the meantime. And don’t expect to hear anything back from the DVLA any time soon. Sometimes I wonder if they onlyhave one person who does all of these cases, as it can take months. The quickest I got a licence back was 3 months, the longest 9…


Thank u every1. Huge help. All information greatly appreciated x


legally the only people that need to know you have MS is the dvla…but when your insurance comes to renewal you will need to tell them that you are on a 3 year license…they don’t need to know what illness you have because if the DVLA say you are fit to drive then thats all they need to know and it can’t affect your cover

take care


I’m not sure I agree with last comment - regardless of whether or not the DVLA say you’re fit to drive, if you have an accident and the insurance company discover you have an undisclosed, pre-existing condition, then your insurance could well be invalid. So you should tell them straight away. They can’t, however, increase your premium because of it.


Have to say the week after I got my 3 year driving license back I was hiring a van (under the restricted weight/size). The friendly staff checked the medical conditions not allowed to hire and MS did not appear on the list. Have just signed a lease agreement through work and they were the same. In fact, apart from the usual “I’m sorry to hear about your condition” it did not feature as if DVLA are happy so the insurers were . Get that critical illness cover in. I waited until after my decsion on starting treatment but that not as necessarily the right decision. They paid out quickly though (and in full)

Thank u :-)xm

When I renewed my car insurance recently I mentioned that I hadn’t been asked about any medical condition I may have and the reply was that they do not ask questions about a client’s medical history. As long as conditions are disclosed to the DVLA and you are licensed to drive then it’s o.k.

I have a different view, in that I wish I hadn’t informed DVLA about my ms. First licence was for 5 years, but latest one is only for 3 years. My last renewal was last may and DVLA wrote to me saying they never received an update from my GP. When I questioned surgery they said it was posted in April and because of red tape, I could’ve been driving without a licence.

Insurance wise, you must tell them, but they have no contact with DVLA.

It’s like when our house got broken into, the insurance company wanted details of the police officers. Fact - the insurance company can’t get info about your case from the police.


Are All licences for three years can some have no restrictions on them?

I think it probably varies. I told DVLA of my diagnosis in the early 1990s, about 5 years after diagnosis. At the time I was only minimaly affected. I had no restrictions on my licence but was asked to inform them of any changes. I am now about to have my car adapted for left foot accelerator. I have informed the DVLA of this and am expecting that I will then be on a restricted licence.


Yes you can drive while you wait for the DVLA to get back to you, you still hold a valid licence, it’s just not in your handbag.

It is all very simple to deal with, you just have to wait a while that’s all, so don’t panic about it.



Dear all, am a bit worried now. I was diagnosed in 2000 with relapsing remitting MS, informed DVLA but wasn’t asked to send off licence. They just said it would stay on my file. Do you think I should ring them again?

I was told to inform the DVLA about my condition, i just had to send them my licence and was sent a 3/4yr license back after the contacted my dr to make sure i was still able and safe to drive, didn’t take long at all tbh

I would since i was under the impression anyone with MS and similar problems went onto a 3yr license which is obviously renewed once they are sure your are fully able to drive safely