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I have recently been diagnosed with MS (relapsing remittance) and I’m not quite sure what happens with my driving licence now. I think I need to tell the DVLA? Does anyone know what happens when you make them aware of the MS? I’m a little worried that they will take my licence away from me. Does anyone know what the chances of this are?

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Don’t worry; it’s very rare a licence is revoked, only if MS affects your driving very badly; you will have it reviewed every three years. It is not Law but wise you inform your insurance as well; otherwise, it leaves a get out for them to pay a claim.

So I won’t have to have a review every few years if my driving is normal? I assume my insurance will be more pricey once I tell them I have been diagnosed too! Does it go up by a lot even if my driving is fine?

So basically if you’re put on a 3 year medical licence (like me) your licence only lasts 3 years, just before your licence expires the DVLA will contact you asking how your illness still effects your driving.

In other words you need to re-apply for your licence .

Its no big deal, I’ve not long had my 2nd 3 year medical licence.

I think the options open to the DVLA are:

1, 3 or 5 year medical licence or no licence at all.

You can appeal to any outcome if you feel its an unfair decision.

When you first inform the DVLA you MUST send your existing licence back, as basically it is no longer valid, however you can still drive up until the time the DVLA write to you with their decision, 1,3,5 year medical licence or NO licence.

I think I’m correct in saying this, you DO have to inform your insurance company of ANY illness that you’ve informed the DVLA about.

In fact when you take out insurance it is one of the questions on the proposal forms that you fill in.

As for price increase, It did NOT happen to me when I informed my insurance company, in fact the person I spoke to at my insurance company said they are not allowed to penalise or increase premiums on a disabled policy as it would be discrimination.

All the insurance company want is to see that the DVLA have been informed and that they (DVLA) have authorised a licence.

In other words, the DVLA have basically said it’s ok to drive, so legally theres no comebacks on the insurance company in the event of a claim, hence no premium rise.

Just remember, if you have been diagnosed but haven’t informed the DVLA or your insurance company and you do have a bump, basically your not legally entitled to be driving, so you’re actually driving without a valid licence and also your insurance company will probably void your insurance at the same time, after all the insurance company will look for any loop hole NOT to pay out !

If you had a serious crash where the were injuries, you can bet your life that the insurance company & solicitors acting on behalf of the 3rd party would turn over every stone looking for a reason to put the blame on you.

If you look on the DVLA .Gov site, MS is listed as a disability that MUST be reported.

My advice, don’t worry, inform the DVLA & your insurance company, it’s easy and straight forward.

Yes you have to inform the DVLA and you will almost certainly get a licence for three years. Your Insurance premium should not go up because of this. The question the Insurance Companies ask is - are the DVLA aware of your medical condition and have they issued you with a current licence. That is all the are interested in. When I renewed my licence recently the Insurance Company didn’t ask for any details about my medical condition but told me I could tell them and ask for it to be noted on my records if I wished. After three years you’ll get a form from the DVLA asking if your condition has changed - if it hasn’t you will get another licence although some people may be asked to have a medical. P.S. having a three year licence shouldn’t preclude you from haggling with the Insurers re cost of Insurance!

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I agree with everything that has already been posted. It is a bit daunting at first but actually its very straight forward. Your premiums shouldn’t increase with your current insurance company or in the future - I think its the fact we are actually SAFER since our ability to drive is more closely monitored by NS/doctors. There are some DMD’s the DVLA ask you to avoid/inform them of which influence your driving ability - I think ALL Audi drivers are on these as they drive like idiots.

You shouldn’t lose your license, I still have mine. I’m blind in one eye and have a defect in the other due to optic neuritis . My licence has to be renewed yearly.

I’ve had MS since 1983 and just went on to a 3 year review of my driving license two years ago, and that was because I now have to use Matrifen patches for pain. The dosage hasn’t changed and the prescription for my glasses is still the same so I don’t forsee any problems. I even have hand controls in the car. Don’t worry about the DVLA, although it might take close to a year to get a decision from them, but you can still drive during that period.