Has anyone had their driving licence revoked?

Hi all,

Just a query regrding MS and driving…I am worried if i am dx for sure that they may revoke my licence. has anyone had this problem or is it not classed as dangerous to drive with MS?




depending on ur ability to continue its normal to go on a 3year licence.

once dignosed you should inform insurance and dvla of ms diagnosis

ellie x

Cheers Ellie,

I’m on a 3 yr one due to epilepsy, but am wary of med profession going overboard and stating unfit to drive when I am OK…but when i’m not in remission I don’t drive due to spine immobility.


Hi Beverley

Getting a 3 year licence is standard for us. If you get a confirmed diagnosis you’re legally required to inform the DVLA (and your car insurance people too, though they can’t increase your premium, as that would be considered discrimination). The DVLA will get you to complete a medical questionnaire, which they’ll then spend several months assessing, before issuing you with a 3 year licence (and I’m not joking about them taking months - the quickest I’ve had mine back is 3 months).

It’s possible they may ask you to go for an assessment, though that depends on things like your doctor’s report. I had an assessment done myself, though not because I was required to - I wanted to try out different kinds of hand control to see how I got on with them. It was a really helpful thing to do, and I’m glad I did it. I use a wheelchair so need to use hand controls, which I find very easy to use.

Hope that reassures you.


Are you unable to drive whilst being assessed for a first 3 year licence? and are you able to apply, say 3 months before a current 3 year licence expires but have the full three years of the new one run from the end of the previous one?


You can drive whilst the DVLA assess your license. When they re-assess they send you a letter that enables you to drive as well.

Be aware that if your eyes are affected with ms then your gp is obliged to report problems if you dont automatically. Also the insurance company needs to know because if you were to suffer an accident it could be that your sight has contributed.

Best to be safe and ask ms nurse, gp, or neuro. I reported my visual problem and had to stop driving until my eyes settled and opthalmologist cleared me to drive. Im now on a 3 year license, waiting for it to be renewed at present.



Hullo, Beverley.

I’ve had my licence revoked (taken away) but I’ve had MS for over 13 years. At first, it was a shock, but on reflection it was probably the right thing to do. My foot took too long to travel from the accelerator to the brake pedal (not advisable in an emergency!), I an 56 years old and I have been driving since I was14 years old (not on the road obviously but my late father was in the motor trade and he owned a garage and I used to ‘play about’ down the back and I became ‘quite good’ (if you don’t mind me saying so). However once I got used to the idea of ‘not driving’ (My wife can still drive the car - and I’ve ‘put in’ for a new Mercedes which I’ll get in October and that will give me enough time to learn to drive an ‘automatic’ car (I hope!). I am not allowed to drive ‘on the road’ - my wife drives and it’s not too bad but don’t tell my wife that! Best of luck (and my wife is an Opthamologist so even though I ‘hate’ MS, the ball is in my court (I hope!)).

Marcus. x.

l have had spms for 30yrs - and have driven an automatic car since then. lts my left leg that is effected by ms - so an automatic is for me the answer. lf it was my right leg then l would have gone for hand controls. My license states that l can only drive a car with ‘adaptions’ ie automatic transmission. To begin with my licence was for 3yrs - then they changed it to when l am 70 - As long as the dvla are informed - and they ask for your permission to consult your GP - then when you fill in your insurance application form all you need to do is tick the ‘dvla informed’ section. l have never had any problem. lf for any reason you do get your driving licence revoked you can always re-apply as long as you are driving a car that has adaptions to suit your disability. l have a neighbour who lost her licence when her eye-sight deteriorated due to her diabetes. After having lazer treatment her eyesight improved enough for her to re-apply and she is back driving again.


yeah im goin through that sh*t the now. Was working away down in england for a bit there came back on friday to a letter sayin ive got till the 3rd of september to get signatures from doctors that i can drive.

I should get the one off the gp without too much hassle but trying to get a hold of the consultant might be harder.

Goin to phone dvla tomorrow and see about an extension.

Thanks guys.

I know the procedure of the DVLA because I am reassessed every 3 yrs due to epilepsy, and to be honest I have always been lucky getting confirmation to drive…I generally ring the DVLA and get verbal confirmation over the phone - saves time while they are processing letters, new licence etc.

I guess my immediate fear was that once dx with MS them i’m DOOMED! but obviously not the case as long as the obvious motor responses are fit and working then all should be (fingers crossed) OK!.

Thanks for the advise.

Much love


My experience is that they are far too loose with their judgements (or Neurologists/Doctors do not paint an accurate picture to them) I cannot walk more than a few meters with a stick and struggle to use my arms/hands after moderate excercize and yet I still have my driving licence (renewed this year despite this). I know I’m not safe to drive and haven’t done so for a few years, yet the renewal came through which I cannot understand.

Hi Redevilade,

Sorry to hear about your limited mobility. Maybe you should contact DVLA and self declare and return your licence? it’s hard to understand because the DVLA are very strict about renewing.