Three year driving licence?

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Is a three year licence the ‘norm’ after diagnosis? I knew it would be something like this, but I still can’t help feeling a bit sad about it! I wouldn’t be stupid enough to drive if I felt I wasn’t capable (I gave up for a week during my last relapse because of my eyesight, even though the neuro said I was still legal!). Has anyone ever had problems renewing after the three years?

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As far as I know, it is normally straightforward to renew the licence until the time when adaptations start being necessary and/or your neuro says that it might not be a good idea for you to drive. When things like that happen, the DVLA might make you do a test. It's not like the standard driving test though, i.e. you won't fail because you don't keep your hands on the right place on the steering wheel or anything like that - basically, if you are safe to drive, you should be fine.

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Hi Emma,

I am new here and have not been diagnosed yet. I didn't know this would happen after diagnosis. Who or how do the DVLA know you have MS, did you have to inform them? Also, does this effect you insurance premiums? I have an appointment with my GP in August and I was going to push for a diagnosis, I have lived without one for 18 years as my symptoms are not debilitating, it is things like this make me wonder if I want to push for a diagnosis, after all, there is not much they can do about it anyway. If symptoms are bad then I am sure some medications work well for people but at the moment I only have tingling in my arms and Lhermitts sign

I am currently undiagnosed, but did notify the DVLA about "possible ms" and that I'm under investigation with no concrete diagnosis as of yet.

I also notified them of the bouts of ON I had suffered from, they got back and requested I have a special visual fields driving test and based on the results they would let me know if my license will be renewed.

I had the test done and after a few weeks I got my renewed license happy2

The reason I have a restricted license is due to a CVA. Its usually straight foward and nothing to worry about, the driving fields test did have me a bit anxious but its not much different from the normal visual fields test.

Hope that helps.

Thanks all

Kelpex40…you are legally required to inform the DVLA after diagnosis. They just said they were writing to my GP and consultant and I could continue driving. Three months on and I’ve just been told I have to renew every three years. I told my insurance at the beginning and they said it wouldn’t affect my premiums and they’ve just noted it on my records. Apparently if you don’t tell them it can cause massive problems in the event of an accident and your insurance could be invalidated. Hope that helps x


It seems that a renewal period of 3  years is usual. I came across  the following  article on this site



The neuro told me to inform the DVLA when I first saw him and he decided I had a CIS - the doc said she was happy for me to carry on driving and, eventually, DVLA said that too.  They also said I should inform them of any changes in my condition. The insurance company just want to know that I've told DVLA about any notifiable conditions, but they didn't put up the premium.  

Hope that helps.


Insurance companies are not allowed to put up premiums so don’t worry about that at all.