My neurologist has told me I’ve almost certainly got MS, I’m just waiting for MRI and lumbar puncture to get a definite diagnosis, but she was pretty clear that was just to rule out anything else. I realise I’ll need to notify the DVLA at some point but am wondering if anyone can tell me what the DVLA do then. If there’s an assessment what does it involve?

I was always a passionate cyclist and didn’t drive much, so my driving isn’t great but it’s lack of practise rather than my MS. So I’m really hoping that whatever assessment is done will assess my ability rather than my skill.

Can anyone enlighten me?

hi trippyspice

you get put onto 3 year licences.

i didnt have an assessment.

carole x

I sent the notification form off in December, and other than a holding letter haven’t heard anything from them since.

At work, I regularly liaise with DVLA over their driver medical standards (see Assessing fitness to drive: a guide for medical professionals - GOV.UK ). For neurological conditions like MS, there is no automatic action - they have quite a bit of discretion based on your symptoms, progression and ability, including leaving you on an unrestricted licence, putting you on to 1-3 yearly renewals, or requiring you only to drive an adapted car. DVLA will write to your doctors and neurologist for their opinions before making any decision, and a driving assessment (which should be very different in style from a driving test) may be arranged if they need to independently assess your capability.

The standards are slightly stricter for professional drivers (holding a ‘group 2’ driving licence - bus, lorry, ambulance drivers, and also taxi/private hire drivers, as many councils mirror the DVLA medical standards for licensing purposes), and drivers experiencing severe progressive/disabling symptoms may be refused group 2 licences in future (although group 1 licences for personal use may still be issued if the applicable criteria are met).

I don’t think getting a three year licence is always automatic - it depends on what report your g p submits.

However reading your post I guess you’ll get a three year licence.

I contacted the dvla and filled in the relevant form. I heard nothing for a couple of months then i got a letter saying my neurologist hadn’t replied to there request for medical information. They said they have sent another request.

It took a total of 5 months before i got notification from the dvla that i was going onto a 3 year restricted licence.


My driving licence was taken off me but I knew it would be. I had already made the choice to stop driving.

If you say your driving isn’t great due to lack of practise, then do try and drive more if you get to keep your licence. The last thing you want is to be involved in a accident due to lack of bad driving.

Good luck


I waited to tell the DVLA until I had a concrete diagnosis, there is then a very long process (up to a year) while the DVLA write to your Neurologist for details on your condition.

It will depend on your specific MS and your health relating to that, that the DVLA will decide. For context I was Diagnosed in April 2014 after 4 years of pronounced symptoms and checks, I have just had back my Licence which is on a 3 year Medical Restriction.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the info guys, hopefully it will just be a 3 year licence. I was a bit worried about being in a catch 22 where I needed a couple of refresher lessons to smooth out the rough edges but couldn’t get them because the DVLA stopped me driving. Fingers crossed.