Hi, being the type of person who looks into possible issues, I have seen people talk of having to inform the DVLA once diagnosed. Does anyone know how this works ? I am confident that with the symptoms I have I will be able to drive still, but I am worried re my need to drive daily to get to work & ensuring that once I get a diagnosis sorting it ASAP. Who needs to declare that someone with ms is fit to drive, GP or neurologist, or dose everyone have to do a driving assessment ? How is this all done ? I have looked at the DVLA web sight & it does not seem clear. Ps. The last contact I had from my neurologist said ‘probable ms’, so this is not an unrealistic worry, also with the so far ‘probable ms’ affect my car insurance ?

All that will happen is you inform the dvla a form will be sent out or you can download from the net and a 3 year licence will be issued. As long as your Dr and or neuro says you can drive then there are no issues. Once diagnosed do tell your ins company, this then covers you if you are involved in an accident, they can’t wriggle out of payment due to non disclosure.

Your premium by law can not be increased.

Hope that helps.

So, are you saying that between informing the DVLA and sorting forms ect I will still be allowed to drive ?

Yes, you should be.

As the lady at the DVLA said to me, ‘If they let half blind 80 year old ladies drive, they’ll certainly let you drive’.

Hi you can download the form from the DVLA website, I have just been diagnosed with MS but my eyesight gas been effected so haven’t sent my form of. Just hoping my eyesight will return. Oh by the way I am not driving :slight_smile:

Oh, and everyone, don’t forget to pay your road tax! I had to pay a fine yesterday, I forgot to pay mine because I didn’t have a reminder. My fault, I forgot completely to send my form off with my new address so the reminder must have gone to my old address. What a nitwit, then the nice man on the phone advised getting a wiggle on and going up the post office to then pay my road tax, which I promptly did. Duh. Strangely, for months now, I kept having a feeling that I had forgotten something but could not get my brain in gear to think what it was and only last week I was wondering if it was my road tax. I even found my MOT form to make sure I had done that, then the brain fog took over and I couldn’t remember what the task was at the beginning of the day. The fine comes via a letter from a debt agency, how horrid. I thought it was a scam when I read the letter and checked them out online first before I phoned them up. Lo and behold, it was the DVLA going through a collection agent. I feel such a nitwit. The lady at the post office was very understanding as I told her I had ‘a colossal cock up going on.’


I think there are two important components;

1, MS - Are you neurologically impaired to drive, or reason or react.

2, Medication - Does the medication cause impairment, - the police will often pursue this if you are involved in an accident or stopped by them, with consequences as severe as driving under the influence of alcohol.

The car is a dangerous, so please be honest with yourself.

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