Notifying the DVLA

I’ve been recently diagnosed with relapsing/remitting MS and in doing my insurance renewal, realised I have to notify the DVLA. I haven’t had a relapse since the end of 2019, so no symptoms at the moment. Did anyone notify the DVLA and have conditions put onto their license when they don’t need any special adjustments?

To be honest I’m just in that early stage of feeling pissed off at the world about my diagnosis and having to tell the DVLA about something that currently has no impact on my ability to drive (and previous relapses wouldn’t have either) just feels like that one extra thing that pisses me off more. Having to wait six weeks for them to possibly say that I need to renew more frequently (and pay for the privilege thanks very much) just leaves me feeling like crap. I find it so out of balance that you don’t need to tell the DVLA it you need glasses for driving (when surely poor eyesight is much more likely to cause an accident) but you do have to notify them of an MS diagnosis regardless of what your symptoms are.

Anyway, sorry that’s just a bit of a moan, I guess I just need someone to tell me I’m worrying over nothing

Hi MarthaAB. You do need to inform the DVLA of your MS. If you don’t your insurance will be invalid. My driving isn’t affected at all but I was given a three year medical licence. You don’t have to pay for renewals. I even got a photocard licence for free as I was still on a old paper one!

Thanks Moirah, yes I know I need to do it (have sent the form off), it was more the anxiety about what kind of conditions they would put in place. I didn’t know that medical licenses are exempt from renewal fees, that’s reassuring to know

Hi Martha I’ve got no conditions on mine at all other than I can’t drive a minibus. As I’m 68 (69 in 6 weeks) I won’t be able to drive a minibus in a year. And I’ve never driven or wanted to drive a minibus!

Hi Martha,

yes you do need to inform the DVLA, if you don’t your driving licence is invalid as is your ins. You have a long winded form to fill in and you end up with a restricted medical licence as from anything between 1 - 5 years when the whole process starts again.


you’ll probably see someone driving a mini bus in 6 weeks time and REALLY want to drive one yourself!

sorry for my flippant comment.

Carole xx

Yes, unfortunately you have to tell them. You can still drive in the mean time. Mine too was swapped to a medical licence that needs to be renewed every 3 years. Annoying, but can’t be helped.

Hi Everyone

Recently been diagnosed with MS. How do I contact DVLA? I can’t get hold of anyone and unsure how I notify them of my medical condition.

Any help/advice would be great!

You need to go on DVLA website download the medical form CN1 fill it in and send it to the address on the form. No need to send your driving license at this stage.
But be aware I sent mine at the beginning of October just got a letter today to say they have written to my Consultant so probably another 4 months.
Good luck.

Ok will do that today. Thank you for your help. Can I still drive whilst I await to hear from them?

Yes you can still drive.


I still haven’t heard back from DVLA is this normal to take so long?

You can’t get hold of anyone either there extremely busy it says

Don’t worry about it, I have only just been sent a declaration to sign about accepting a 3 year medical licence that was on the 9th of Feb sent it straight back with my licence heard nothing since.
It is now 5 months since I first contacted them.
Good luck x

There’s a story in my local newspaper that someone has waited 11 months for the DVLA to renew their licence and they are worried because their Mobility car is due for renewal in June and they need a current driving licence to do the renewal.


Just received my 3 year licence in the post today, Exactly 5 months from start to finish after I informed the DVLA I had been diagnosed with MS.

I was diagnosed early august, sent the forms of at the end of august and have still not had it back!

I assume they can’t tell us off or fine us as we have notified them?

No, I believe that as long as your doctor hasn’t told you not to drive than it’s fine.