hi im Farky 56 living in Lancashire self employed builder
ive recently been diognosed with RRMS and got a treatment plan in place that ive not started yet due to not being totally convinced i actually have MS and im not too happy about having to have all my innoculation jabs before i start on Kesimpta …so i know i need to notify DVLA that i have MS and that ill need to renew my driving licience at certain times but im getting conflicted info on how often ill need to do this so can someone tell me the correct period that i need to renew and do i need to pay DVLA evry time ?

I told my insurance and dvla about my MS. insurance was not really bothered as long has I had told dvla.

Needed to fill in a form and send back to dlva. Believe it also goes to consultant.

I was put on a 3 year medical licence. I believe by law you need to let dvla know.

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Yes, by law, you need to let DVLA know. I was given a 3 year medical licence which I’ve now renewed twice. I haven’t had to pay anything and insurance didn’t change.

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I’m on a three year medical license also but it doesn’t cost anything to renew, unlike those with an ordinary 10yr. You must tell your insurance or you may invalidate it but I am led to believe they are not allowed to increase your premium as this would be against the Disability Discrimination Act.

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I told dvla when i got my diagnosis just over 10 years ago. Didn’t cost anything and I was on a 3 year licence. when that was due for renewal they extended to 5 as my health was stable.