I was at my gp today and he told me I need to inform DVLA that I am being investigated for ms and that I have poor balance has anyone else had to do this and did use loose your license

I don’t know about when you’re being investigated for MS, unless you have significant weakness that impairs your driving ability. You definitely do if you are diagnosed. But you won’t lose your license. Unless there’s some reason you can’t drive at all. It’s possible to get all kinds of adaptations to cars that make it possible to drive for eg with hand controls.

Have a look at Medical conditions, disabilities and driving - GOV.UK

If you have a disability or a medical diagnosis which is reportable to the DVLA, your license will only be granted for 3 years, which is a bit of a pain, but it’s not a big deal.


I’ve never heard of having to inform them if you are being investigated. I’m not convinced by that to be honest. Unless you GP is saying that she believes you are not safe to drive.

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I am bit reluctant to say anything at this stage but I wonder if I did get diagnosed at a later stage and I reported it then would they find out that my gp already advised me to do it before

The gp said it’s not for him to decide whether am fit to drive or not but if I have an accident and they find out then that I am being investigated it could be an offence. I did have blurry vision months ago but that resolved my main issue is my poor balance but I don’t have this when am sitting so it jhas no effect on my driving

When I had double vision or vertigo, or anything which affected my driving, I just didn’t drive.

And that’s what I’d advise anyone to do. No one wants to cause a RTA because of something they know is a problem.


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Thanks I think i will see one of the other gp’s at the surgery for a second opinion on it before I do anything

I stopped driving for a while. When I am bad I will not drive

This is not legal but obvious; you should also advise your insurance WHEN AND IF DIAGNOSED. It’s just if you don’t they can wriggle out of any claim you make saying “you did not advise them.”

Don’t worry; it’s only advising them; they will not; not insure you or increase your premiums.


Yes I have no problem notifying everyone if I am diagnosed i just thought that gp was jumping the gun a bit, I spoke to the ms trust today and they don’t think there is any requirement at this stage to notify anyone unless I had reduced vision or something else that was affecting my ability to drive

1 - Read sue’s post #2.

2 - The official line on reporting is: Medical conditions, disabilities and driving - GOV.UK
Dig down and you will find these words:
You can be fined up to £1,000 if you don’t tell DVLA about a medical condition that affects your driving.

3 - I don’t quite agree with ggood about there being no legal obligation to inform your insurance company.
There is, but it is a matter of civil law. You take out insurance and there is a contract with the company. Not informing them if “anything material changes” is technically a breach of contract - and that is what they may us to avoid a payout

Now, a GP cannot diagnose MS - this requires a neurologist. So, until you have a diagnosis from a neurologist, you do not have a condition (unless your GP has advised that you have another condition that he/she is qualified to advise you of). But, you should have spotted that a GP can tell you to stop driving for 3 months. You were not so told, only advised to report being under investigation. Do nothing.


When I was first d/x’d the neuro told me I didn’t have to tell anyone. When I later got an MS nurse she told me this was wrong, so I have to submit my license every 3 years for renewal. It’s more of an inconvenience than anything. They also stripped out all of the categories in my license so I can only drive a car or bike now. It doesn’t bother me but just means that I couldn’t drive a bus or a lorry even if I wanted to.

DVLA is a “by-the-book” bureauacracy.
When I notified them of my MS, they took away my three-year elderly persons licence and Issued me with a new three-year medical licence. Yes, they stripped off all the things over 1.5 tons - but left me with my class H, so I can still drive a main battle tank (if I can find one with auto transmission -anyone know of a US Abrams going spare?).
They also regard automatic transmission as a modification (Has anyone told Rolls Royce, or the US car industry?).


I contacted the ms society and they spoke to DVLA medical team about my situation without mentioning my name and the dvla stated that any episodes of blurred vision etc whether past or present must be reported

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