What are people’s experiences of notifying DVLA? I haven’t done it yet as am not able to drive but will do it this week.


I would notify them soon as their processing time is awful.

I had a blip with my health in June as I fainted and sent them notification towards the end of August after seeing the consultant. The consultant replied within two weeks and the DVLA sent one question to their medical officer and I am still waiting for a reply!

I called them two weeks ago and they were processing cases from the 18th of September! I chased this last week and they were looking at cases from the 26th of September. So my case seems to be going backwards. Terrible.

So I would recommend notifying them sooner rather than later as it will depend on if they ask for more information etc.

Good luck!

Do they suspend the licence until your case is investigated? I really, really hope this relapse is going to get better soon so I can go back to work and to do that I need to drive.


Hi MrsH,

Mine wasn’t MS related as I had a faint / blackout etc and the neurologist told me I shouldn’t drive for 6 months. The DVLA just told me to follow the consultant’s advice until they assessed my case and didn’t suspend the licence. Just told not to drive. :frowning:


It is Law; you MUST advise the DVLA on diagnosis. Remember to advise your insurance also as they could wriggle out of any claim saying you did not advise them; so basically youre driving uninsured.


Well I’m haven’t driven since the start of this relapse because of the danger posed by the dizziness - so there’s no problem with uninsured driving - but I will do both tomorrow.

No, they don’t suspend your licence - you can keep driving. All that happens is that they restrict your licence to 3 years and you have to keep renewing (for free). It can be a problem for people with HGV licences and the like, but I’m afraid I don’t know anything about that.

Btw, have you checked any policies you have that might have a critical health clause (e.g. your mortgage)? MS is a payable condition.

Karen x

All done. Reported to DVLA and insurance company…who wanted £26 to update the policy!! Unfortunately and with the benefit of hindsight, incredibly stupidly, we didn’t take out critical cover. So it looks like either get myself back to work soonish before dropping to half pay and hope like hell that I can manage or lose our home. Pretty stark choice.


just a quick reply to your last post, i’m doing a course in health and social care towards my degree and i’m sure when i was researching that MS is one of the conditions that automatically qualifies for DLA, (thats if you wanted to go for it) and it’s not means tested. I’m not 100% but it’s worth looking at if it will help you be able to stay at home a little longer (of course that also depends on how long it will take them to sort it out).


Hi jo Thanks for that. I have requested the forms. I have 12 weeks left on full pay before dropping to half pay and whilst I am struggling to imagine how I will get back and being honest, really don’t want to, I know I must. But at least I have a few weeks to think about the way forward. The DLA will certainly help with that decision. Catherine