Driving Licence


I have just had the all clear to carry on driving. My three year licence was up and I had to fill in a medical for and was passed to drive again. Does anyone know if they send you a new licence or do I have to send for one



Thats great news :slight_smile:

I would say whenever anything on ure driving licence change’s like address’s dates etc they usaully want your card and paper part to change it over, Best thing to do is to ask the DVLA themselves I am sure they will help :slight_smile:

Thank you

I will do that



I had to renew my 3 year licence last year, they just sent me a new one after they had completed the medical investigations.



I sent mine back for renewal in March (1st time I had to renew it on the 3 year thing). It didnt come back for ages so I called the DVLA and they said their medical team were looking at it. Then in September or October I was called to go for a driving assesment (I have no idea why) which was about 2 hours long, they tested my reactions, my eye sight and then I had to take them out for a drive in their car for about 40 minutes, all was fine and they told me there and then they wouldnt be recommending anything other than the DVLA giving me my license back. I am still waiting for it to come back…I get married on Saturday so the minute I get it back I will have to send it off again for the name change!!