No driving license yet. Should I be worried?

I recently got married and sent my 3 year driving license off to change my surname. Sadly as soon as this was sent, I had a bad relapse being unable to walk. It subsided quickly thanks to steroids, but then I received a health questionaire regarding my MS from DVLA. I had to mention my relapse of course. It’s now been nearly 4 weeks and I’ve not heard anything so I’m getting worried.

Has anyone done anything similar and had a good/bad result?



My licence has been with the DVLA (for 3 yr review) since the middle of Sept. I have phoned them to make sure they had recieved it and to check on progress. I was told it can take up to 3 months - though hopefully won’t for me cos my licence expires on the 18th Nov…

If you filled in the health questionaire they will contact your health professionals who will presumably inform them that the relapse was treated successfully with steroids. So try not to worry about that.



Personally I wouldn’t be worried, the DVLA are notoriously slow at getting back to you. The longest I’ve had to wait for them is 6 months, and the most recent one I think took about 4 months. They need to contact all the different health professionals you put on the questionnaire, and then goodness knows what else they do. You’re allowed to carry on driving though, even if the expiry date on your licence passes.

My renewals have always been successful though. At worst they may ask you to take a driving assessment (I did one voluntarily before starting driving to try out different hand controls and it was very useful).

Hope they don’t take too long to get back to you.


I sent my licence off to change address.

It took 11 months to get it back and lots and lots of phone calls.

I had to cancel a care hire agreement abroad as i had no licence and the hire company would not accept a photocopy.

The DVLA were useless

Good luck