hi everyone ive had ms for 10 years but my son just been told he as it we just woundering if any one can help as he drives he told dvla but just wounderd about if his insurance will go up help please.x

I told dvla .insurance company was OK just made a note and that was premium didn’t go.up . Also we are thinking about maybe going on holiday again this year . So i got some quotes for travel insurance and it’s was very reasonable.

Shouldn’t affect his insurance. A lot of companies don’t even ask about medical issues. However you can inform them and they will make a note of it.

It is important that the DVLA is informed

This link to the support section might be useful to you.

I don’t think they are allowed to put your premium up, just because of an MS diagnosis. I told my insurance company when I was first diagnosed, and they made a note of it, but the premium was not affected. As long as you let DVLA know, so you’re covered as normal, it should be fine.

Best of luck!

Fracastorius (Jane )

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When I told my insurers they just wanted to know that I had informed the DVLA. No change in premium.

I have read often that insurers are not allowed to increase premiums because of an MS DX and not heard of any bodies go up.

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thank you so much never thought about travel insurance.x