After reading a recent post about informing the dvla, I was diagnosed in April this year and I have stupidly not informed the dvla yet as I didn’t realise you had to.

Do you think that they will fine me as I have delayed informing them? I also need to tell swiftcover ( insurance ) but has anyone had their insurance premiums increase because of ms

My only real problem I could have seen with driving is that my right arm was stiff but since I have taken amitrityline, this has helped enormously.

How would anyone advise on how to inform dvla, should I apologise first for not informing them sooner or just say that I have been recently diagnosed with ms. I guess my neuro will tell them exactly when I was diagnosed.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.




You wont get a fine for not telling them straight away so dont worry about that. Just do it now while its fresh in your mind. I didnt tell them straight away as I had far too much going through my mind about other things,I think it was about 3 months after dx when I told them and it was never questioned why I had not told them earlier.

Really dont worry about it,just get it done and dusted.

Take Care


Hi Anne-Marie, as Ricky said, there is soooo much going on in your head just after diagnosis, so don’t worry about the time delay, just act on it now. Go to: http://www.dft.gov.uk/dvla/medical.aspx and take advice from there.

Insurance companies wont increase premiums, they just legally need to know and by being informed, you would have no issues with non-disclosure of information should you need to make a claim though them.