1st Mobility car

Next Monday I am going to pick up my brand new car and I am really excited, I am using my DLA to get a car on the mobility scheme as I feel an automatic will better suit my condition.

I am being picked up on Monday to go and collect an automatic Kia Venga and can’t wait it will have parking sensors to help me not reversee into things like I have done several times.

I do feel my left leg getting weaker and hurting more so feel that an automatic is more suited to me.

I have never had a brand new car before but because I am disabled I can get one so as well as things like free road tax and a blue badge, so as the saying goes ‘Every loud has a silver lining’

i got a kia venga with my mobility allowance. its great, no worries and the insurance people are lovely.

it flies too! for the first time ever i can go on the motorway and know that if i need that acceleration i can do it.

i never had a brand new car either.

enjoy your car

carole x

That’s exciting news. Enjoy your new car and happy driving! Cheryl:-)


How exciting , enjoy many happy hours of driving in your new car.

I’m looking for an automatic car for the same reason - weak left leg making clutch difficult in town. Not much choice as I want a small

petrol car.

Jen x