had a luvly birthday (MS43)

Evening all. Today is my 59th birthday. ive had a super day, with lots of cards, pressies and a lavish meal in a posh restaurant. Hubby keeps telling me Youre 60 next! Nice, eh? Even tho I am quite knackered, i reckon i don`t look my age! luv Pollx

Im beating you to it, does that make me your senior? Luv B xxx :lol:

yep, fraid so! luv Pollx

Darling Poll, you’re always one birthday ahead of me :wink: … Glad you had a lovely day and hope the evening is a good one… even if just relaxing… which is often the best way to spend an evening… Love Pat xxx

happy birthday poll :smiley: love tina x. :slight_smile:

happy birthday poll xx

Happy Birthday Poll, many happy returns and love ‘n’ hugs Clare :smiley: xxx

Happy Birthday Glad you had a lovely day Posh Nosh… sounds Yummmmmmmmmmmmy :wink: V

I was ragging on my daughter - telling her she was nearly 30 when she neatly turned the tables and reminded me that when she hits 30 I’ll be 60! Happy Birthday Poll - and yes you’ll get to 60 before me :lol: Jane

Happy birthday Poll. glad you had a good day. I was on the trans penine train last Saturday going from Manchester to Your…it stopped in Halifax so i gave you a wave just in case you were waving at the train…haha…take care…Maria xx .


Hi Poll Lots of love m’dear and glad you had such a good day Our very best to you Titty xxxxxxxxxx

Hi Poll!! Glad to hear you had posh nosh and lots of spoiling! Similar for me last week, 24th when I too was 59!! Celebrations the week before,17th, when hubby was 60, great weekend. Take care, enjoy your b’day weekend. Love, Dawn. xxxxx

Hi Poll Glad you had a lovely birthday, and hope you can enjoy this sunshine we are having. Pam

Didn`t you see me waving back? luv Pollx

Do you know Poll…i had a feeling it was you…haha…xx Maria

So glad you had a good time poll happy birthday Tracy xx

Hi Poll sorry I missed your birthday hope you had a good one xxxx