My birthday

Hi pals!

Today is my 63rd birthday. I’ve had a lovely day shopping in Huddersfield, with my 2 Christine carers. I was given a necklace, a big box of chox, which I am chomping on now, soaps in a mug, a winter poncho, flowers, a Pandora watch… Hey, wow eh? With present money I got a capecoat with furry collar and cuffs, a purple cardigan, nail polishes, and a picture frame.

In bed now, content and purring!


Happy birthday Polly. Sounds like you’ve had a great day and some lovely pressies. Now relax and enjoy the memories of the day :slight_smile:

Love Hazel x

Hi Polly

Happy birthday glad you’ve had a lovely time

Freckles xxx

happy birthday, what a lovely day you’ve had, no wonder you’re purring! enjoy your choccies.


Happy birthday Poll.

At least I got the right day this time!

Dopey Sue. X

Hi, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It sounds like you had a GREAT DAY!!! Love Helly. xxxx

Glad you had a good day my Iceni leader ! :wink:

Belated Hippo Bathday! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Belated birthday wishes. Sounds like you had a great day.

Tracey x

Thankyou everyone, for your kind messages.

luv Pollx

Happy (belated) birthday Poll, sounds like you had a fabulous day.

Pam x

Happy belated birthday Poll, I’ve been away and am just catching up on things.

Jan x

Happy Birthday for yesterday Poll. Sounds like you had loads of fun and what lovely prezzies!!!

Shazzie xx

Thanks again.

I`m a year older, but just as daft!