I was 60 on Saturday, had a bash on Saturday night.

Tatterpie and mushy peas and a kids platter, pizza, nugets, chips, sasuage.

Mind you the adults seemed to like the platter.

Didn’t know I had so many friend, managed to speak to a few people I hadn’t seen for years.

Spoiled rotten with pressies and generaly had a great time.

DJ was in his 50s, so when I asked for late 70s and 80s music he was made up.

Question, am I now officialy old.


Sounds like you had a great time Ronin!

Happy 60th Birthday!

Age is just a number! You’re as old as you feel!


Congratulations,and it sounds as if you brought in the start of the next 60 years in fine style.I reckon that old people were always old.I can remember a couple of geriatric teenagers who fit really comfortably into middle age,'cos they have always been there.

I don’t really like growed ups,and definitely don’t trust them.I’ll have some tatterpie if there’s any going begging,but there are insurance issues if I eat mushy peas.




u r not old-just another label bestowed on us to make life easier for others!

glad u had brill time

ellie x

A belated Happy Birthday from me.

You`re now in the same club as me…60+.

I have a gripe that I cant have my state pension until I`m 62.

Whoever thought that we could be glad we were older?

luv Pollx

Happy 60th!!!

I’ll be in the same club in August (but can’t get state pension until month before my 65th! )

Glad you had such a lovely day and wishing you a great year to come.

Pat x