Just thought I would post this.


I just thought I would post this, as it is quite nice. It was my mum and dad’s 50 th Golden Wedding Anniversary at the weekend and instead of people giving presents my mum asked the guests to give money to the MS Society. A lot of the people still gave them presents but they did manage to raise £300 which I think is really good. We all had a really great party, a hog roast and loads of cake (mmm pavlova) and obviously drunk dancing. I eventually managed to put my very drunken, 79 year old father to bed at 5 in the morning. He felt really great the next day. :slight_smile:

I just thought I would post it as I thought that it was a really lovely gesture by my parents.

Adrian x

Hi Adrian,

How lovely! It was so kind of people to donate to a very worthy cause as well as making your Mom and Dad’s very special wedding anniversary one to remember.

I’ve felt very down today, but when I saw this it really lifted me knowing there are so many kind people out there.

Raises glass of Sauvignon to toast the anniversary couple!!!

Alison xx

Hi Adrian,

Many congrats to your folks on their Anniversary …and how thoughtful of them to ask for donations to be made to the Society !!

Now, …I wonder if getting drunk one evening would make me feel spritely the following day ? Worth a try ??


Aww how wonderful. Was a lovely gesture! And 50 years…wow! Xx

Adrian, Do congratulate your parents on their Golden Wedding Anniversary. And thank them from us all for the kind donation.

We are a deserving cause!

What a lovely gesture - please thank your parents btw…you did however make me feel ancient, I am older than your parents wedding vows !!!

Aw thanks. I will pass on your regards to them. I’m glad that it put a smile on your face Alison. There are a lot of people out there who do care. Yeh, it was amazing Dom how energised it made my dad feel the next day. :))

Hi Adrian, That really was lovely to read, such a nice thing of your parents to do. Sounds like you all had a great night maybe your Dad enjoyed himself a bit too much… but still sounds good to me!!

Congrats on 50 years together


That is just lovely How very kind of your parents to ask for donations to the MS Society and Congratulations to them for their Anniversary


Hi Adrian

Congratulations to your parents on their anniversary and what a lovely gesture by them to raise money for the MS Society in lieu of gifts. Please pass on my best wishes to them

Tracey x

Congratulations to your parents on their special anniversary and what a lovely gesture to donate to the MS Society. Myself and hubby celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary last September and we also asked everybody for donations to the MS Society instead of presents. Anne x

Smashing, super, great!

Glad a good time was had by all, plus a donation to the MSS was a lovely idea.


Aw thanks. I will tell them. I’m glad it raised a smile. :slight_smile: x

What a generous thing for them to do. Here’s to the next 50 years! (Sounds like your Dad’s got plenty more partying to do…) Jane xx