hi there

i have been really sad to read some posts about people’s early childhood experiences.

all i can say is “well done for being a survivor”

it has made me count my blessings though.

my wonderful mum died 21 years ago but my lovely dad is still around and has a new partner.

i’m going to take them out tomorrow.

carole x

What a lovely thought Carole.

Hope you all enjoy yourselves

Tracey xx

Carole you a such an inspiration to me. You make such an effort to focus on the positives and you are so right that there are so many things to delight in. A new partner … that is so lovely that you can spend time with them and how lovely for him not to be lonely. Have a lovely time Gill x

Losing my Nana in Feb made me realise the same. You just don’t know what’s going to happen, so enjoy life while you’re alive :slight_smile: x

My parents arer an absolute joy. They are the very best people in the world. I have just got back from being on holiday with them in Britanny. My dad has severe emphysemma and is now pretty much wheelchair bound at 79. He really enjoyed his holiday though and made it a very special time for me and the rest of us. He is a very funny man. My mum is 71 and is pretty much a fulltime carer now. She also looks after my sister’s dog, they have a dog of their own too and look after my sister’s nine year old when she comes home from school. She has a herat problem and has to take Warfarin. They are an absolute inspiration to me and I love them dearly. My dad tries to make me better by using ESP, he’s in Wales, I am in London. Maybe it works, as I feel pretty good at the moment. I am very lucky and extremely blessed. Just wanted to share.

Adrian x

I am very lucky in that although I lost my mum when I was 3 I had my dad, my granda, my granny (on both sides) and my great granny (she died when I was 17) as well.

We weren’t rich but I never went without. My granny loved board games and looked after us all and my granda and my dad gave me my love of books.

Both sets of grandparents are now gone but my dad has been with his current partner for a very long time and when my brother got married a few years ago, we both insisted that she have a place at the top table with my dad - in fact my mums family really got on well with her.

I’ll be going over there at Hallowe’en and I will stay with my dad and his partner - in fact she and I always arrange a shopping trip up in Belfast.

And this is all why i had a wonderful childhood.


thanks to all who replied

we are blessed

i wish peace to those who weren’t as lucky

we had a lovely day out yesterday

carole x

We went over to celebrate my Mum’s 60th birthday yesterday (yes, don’t freak, she had me at 16), it was my Mum, step-Dad (my heroes), me and hubby, my 3 younger sisters and 2 brothers (youngst 3 siblings all adopted) and yes, it was lovely.

With you on counting those blessings :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Ha ha Sonia, I used to freak out my friends when I told them my dad’s age. He is now 66 and I am 48 but I am the fourth child out of five so my friends used to be trying to work out how he had so many children so young. Then I would say that he is step-dad to the first four of us lol. He’s a very special man.

Tracey x