I love my mum

Mum just popped round with arm fulls of homemade cake, pies and other goodies. All there is to do now is snuggle up and munch. The best gift I could have ever had.

Where would we be without our Mums. Mine is great at helping out. She phones me if she is going shopping to see if I need anything - role reversal- at her age I should be asking her! All the more impressive as she does not drive and lives a fair old walk from me. She also insists on doing the ironing if she thinks it is getting out of hand. Let’s hear it for wonderful Mums everywhere.

my mum was a wonder!

she was the best nanna to my boys but she died suddenly (brain haemorrage) when they were 2 and 4 yrs old.

miss her every day.

however i’ve started baking and use the same old handwritten recipe that she used.

give your mum a big hug and a kiss for me.

carole x


as some of u are aware i have had a very tough 18 months. my mum who lives abroad cooked when she was here and left my freezer full of good food and now i am organised enough to ask the carer to do the same.

it was mum who got the freezer tubs and started the process off

she also helped with interview for my cleaner (i couldnt speak)

we talk 3/4 times a week on he phone (speech still dodgy but she can understand me)

aye-heres to all the brill mums out there!

ellie x

How sad for you Carole to lose your Mum and your children to lose their Nanna. My dear friend lost her Mum yesterday which makes me all the more thankful for still having my Mum - may I never take her for granted. Here is to all the amazing Mums - forever in our hearts.

I lost my mum 7 years ago and miss her like crazy. There’s no-one else in the world like your mum as I’m sure you all know. Treasure her, love her and enjoy every moment you can with her…she’s the best friend you’ll ever have.

Cheers to all mums! Hugs. xx

My mum was fantastic too. She stayed in my house twice while I was in hospital undergoing diagnostic tests five years ago, negotiating my tricky staircase with her dodgy heart so she could look after my son who was only 15 at the time. She also took on my ironing when my hands were at their worst even though I tried to stop her!

Sadly she passed away 2 years ago and I miss her so much as, of course, do my dear dad and my son, Jamie. I still use her as my inspiration as she never used to let her health problems get her down. Unless you knew her well, you’d never have known that she had diabetes, asthma and heart failure as she looked a picture of health and was the most cheerful person ever.

Here’s a toast to special mums everywhere - they’re the best!!

Tracey x

Hi, sounds scrummy in your house, thanks to your wonderful mum.

I lost mine almost 13 years ago and me and my 2 sisters were beside ourselves with grief.

Even now, I can see something, or read something or even dream about her and I wake up almost reaching for the phone to tell her…then I have to remind myself that she isnt here anymore.

Treasure your`s and the same to everyone else who is lucky enough to still have their mum…and dad around. We lost our dad just 3 weeks after losing mum.

luv Pollx