My Mum died yesterday. She’s been in a nursing home for the last few years. There’s been a few times when we thought she was going then she got better.

Been distracting myself and not even cried yet…probably hit me at the funeral. Just heard some music on the telly and it just made me feel sad…thought I’d share.

Was on facebook last night…made me appreciate how lucky we are with all this technology. To be able to link up instantly with family and friends who don’t live nearby…I have relatives in Auatralia. Amazing!! Noreen xxx

Big hugs hun ((((()))))) sorry to hear this news… Xxxxx

Sorry for your loss blossom Lost my mum this year… Know how your feeling Take care Gray x

Sending you hugs Barney

So sorry to hear your sad news


Oh I’m so sorry about your mum. Lost mine a while ago and feel sad for you and your family.

Hugs. xx

Noreen I’m so sorry for your loss. There’s nothing I can say to make anything seem better, so I’ll just send massive hugs & condolences Love jane xxx

I’m very sorry to hear of the loss of your mum, my thoughts are with you.

Laura xx

Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this, Noreen. And you were posting here yesterday, but never said? But I know what you mean about trying to distract with “normal” stuff. Lost my father a few years ago. Had plenty of time to prepare, but you still never can, no matter how much warning there’s been. I hope you have some support there - practical as well as emotional? Tina x

Yes I have a lot of support Tina thank you. Just wasn’t ready yesterday to share it. Your right about even though you have the time to prepare its still difficult. My mum was 85 but she was my mum xxx

Noreen You have had alot of advice and support for me over the past few weeks. I hope we can all be here for you now. Allow yourself to cry and give yourself time to grieve. It doesn’t matter what age she was- your mum is your mum… Staying too strong and being brave putting on the stiff upper lip will only delay the inevitable period of sadness that will come. Thinking of you xxx

Now now anon…you caught me out there x

So sorry to hear of your loss Noreen. It is such a shock, I know even when my father was terminally ill I always expected him to recover after every relapse. All I can say is that 15 years later I find time does not heal but stems the flow of tears. We all grieve differently and go through the various stages at different times but be kind to yourself and allow time to feel sad and to remember the good times.

hi blossom

so sorry to hear of your loss.

i’ve recently been feeling sad about my mum and its almost 22 years since we lost her,

tell yourself that you were lucky to have had a lovely mum, many people don’t.

carole x

So sorry Noreen. Hope you can find some comfort from other family members! Teresa xx

Hi Blossom, so sorry to hear the sad news. I’m sure you have many good memories of your Mum to help you and your family through this difficult time. Mick xx

Ahh thats really sad. Sorry for your loss, Steve x

so very sorry to hear your sad news.

J x

Such sad news Noreen, big hugs L x

Thank you all for your kind words…they have been really helpful. I also appreciate how some of you have shared the feelings of your own personal losses. Love and Light to you all,