Goodbye to a Brave Lady

My heart is broken to announce that my mum, who was at an advanced stage of secondary progressive MS, passed away on 2nd December 2018 after a short stint in hospital with severe pneumonia. She was only 54. For years I watched my mum steadily deteriorate to the point she could barely do anything for herself. However, I was fiercely protective over her and fought tooth and nail for her to stay in her home in the community with carers. She never wanted to go in a nursing home and thankfully never did. After a week of feeling unwell, she went into hospital via A&E for shortness of breath where a chest X ray diagnosed pneumonia. Unfortunately she didn’t respond to treatment and her health declined. Doctor’s told me to be prepared for the worse. After 8 days in hospital, she died. Myself and my brother where there with her. It has left us broken and we don’t know what life will be like without her. Everything is like a dream at the moment. We can just take comfort in the fact that she is now at peace and is no longer in that wheelchair she hated so much and no longer relies on carers for everything. Best wishes to you all and keep well xXx

very sorry for the loss of your brave beautiful mum.

you and your brother hug each other close.

you are both of her.

she will feel you being close.

talk to her, i lost my own mum when she was only 54 and i talked to her.

my 2 babies were in bunk beds and i’d ask her if she wanted to come and tuck them in with me.

i swear that i felt her close.

my 2 year old told me some time later that nanna beryl had been to see him in his bed.

i asked if he was scared and he said “no, she would never hurt anybody”.

so talk to her, it may bring you comfort as it did me.

bless you both.

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I am so sorry to hear about your Mum.

J x

sincere condolences.

So sorry to hear of your loss.

I was with my mother when she passed away 3 years ago after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, just 9 weeks from being told to her passing.

Like your mum she was fiercely proud and hated the thought of being cared for.

Being there right at the end was so so difficult to watch, she was struggling so hard, but it was something that I wanted and needed to do, we were so so close.

God Bless you and your family X.

I am so sorry its really hard to loose a parent. she was young to die so quickly but like you say now in peace. Its really hard when you loose someone you love but there is a lot to deal with now, and this will occupy you both. you need each other now to support one and another. your mum was a brave lady but it was her time, she had enough no fight left in her. i expect she fought for 4 years because she didnt want to leave you both.

god bless you both and you all your family. she will never leave you will always be around you both. big hugs. xxxxx