Hope all you lovely mums have a really special day. And your mums too.

Shazzie xx

Thank you shazzie, and to you too xx

thank you shazzie

i took my sister to the cemetary with a lovely stone scroll for our mum.

i couldn’t go in with her because my legs were misbehaving again.

everybody hug your mum and never let go.

carole x

Thank you Shazzie

Happy Mother’s day to you, have a lovely day with your family


To those of you whose mums are still around - don’t take her for granted, remember to tell her you love her, don’t take it for granted that she knows, cherish her.

To my own mum who died in 1997 - I’m sorry I wasn’t a better daughter, I’m sorry I took you for granted, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you often enough that I loved you. I’m sorry I didn’t get to the hospital quickly enough to hold your hand when you died.

i can’t even get to the grave now, on a lovely south facing grassy slope in the shade of a tree, but too far from the path to reach by wheelchair.

Loved and remembered always. xx

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I believe that we go to a better place when we die. Your mum will be around you, still loving you.

My dad was around me a lot in spirit and in my dreams when he died. It gave me great comfort.


Happy Mothers Day to all mum’s out there.

It must be hard for those who have lost their mums. I am sure your mum knew how much you loved her Flowerpot and that she is looking down on you today from heaven.

I bet your mum loves her new stone Carole

Shazzie xx

i agree with blossom, and i think we carry our mothers with us in out hearts. i often feel my mam is watching over me, so do my sisters and my daughter. i always say ‘happy mothers day’ aloud to her even though she died in 2004.

happy mothers day to all you mothers, too!


i believe that mum is around because if i have a problem, the big sort that i used to gom to mum with, i feel her close when i wake up. a couple of hours later i know what i have to do.

she loved freesias and i put a bunch in her coffin.

a couple of weeks after she died i was going up the stairs when i smelled a lovely smell. on the way back down i realised it was freesias.

then my son who was 4 yrs old at the time told me that nanna beryl had been in his room.

i said that he must have been thinking about her but that she had died.

he looked me in the eye and said “yes i know that she died but she was here in my room”

he then told me all the things she had said and they were exactly what my mum would say.

we were so lucky to have had her in our lives.


Ahh Carole. That is so sweet. They say that spirits visit children don’t they? I expect she was checking on him

When my neighbour passed away. His young daughter came running our of the house to say that her dad was sat at the bottom of her bed. I said that perhaps she had been dreaming and she said no because she was sat up reading. Also at the same time as she saw her dad his dog was also in the room and ran to where she said her dad was sat and wet himself.

I find this really interesting.

Makes me hopeful that there is something after this.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

they do say that young children are better attuned to this kind of thing. my now adult daughter can sometimes smell nana’s perfume (paris), out of the blue, she was always her favourite grandparent and i really see my mam in her.

my mam always loved robins, after she died, as we were arranging her funeral, one of my sisters suddenly noticed a robin just sitting right outside the window starring in at us, one after the other, after that, for months we all kept seeing robins staring at us, it was beyond weird, the no. we saw. stranger still was that years later as we were arranging our dad’s funeral, in the same room, there were a pair of robins a few feet away from each other staring in, it made us all feel better. but it’s our mam that we sense around us.